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How Bloomsburg Students Feel about Student Loans

Bloomsburg students have many opinions about President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney’s student loan policies. Whether on Bloomsburg campus or anywhere else in this country, the majority of students are all faced with the dilemma of paying back their loans after graduation.

While some students who attend Bloomsburg University may not have a full understanding about what the candidate’s student loan policies are, two students did have a good understanding on what each candidate’s policy stood for, and how they would be voting.

An anonymous freshman, who did not want his name posted with his political preference, said he is in favor of President Obama’s policy: “I believe Obama’s student loan policy is more efficient,” said anonymous. “Any person that wants to go to college or that is already in college should vote for Barrack Obama in this upcoming election.”

President Obama addressing his speech on student loans

According to CBS news, Obama’s “Pay as you Earn” plan allows students to get a time limit to pay off their loans in lower monthly costs. This program also benefits students by showing them how to understand their possibilities when taking out loans.


Shannon, a 21 year old senior, does not believe that either policy will work.

“I don’t believe either student loan policy will be effective if the state of the economy remains the way it is after I graduate if I do not have a job. I will have no income to pay off my loans. Therefore, I think the student loan policy is an unnecessary topic for debate if our economy does not improve. The government should promise students a better economy so our children won’t bear the burden of student loans as we did.”

It seems as though people around the country are favoring Obama’s policy over Romney’s fearing that it could end up costing students more when they are graduating from college.

Mitt Romney addresses his concerns about President Obama

At the Democratic National Convention, Obama explained how it was hard for him and his wife to pay off their college loans. According to the website Alibi.com, it is shown that President Obama and his wife were 120,000 dollars in debt when they came out of college. For Romney, it was another story, he had no debt. His wealthy father paid off his entire college education for him.

A person’s background and their financial situation may decide whether they will vote for President Obama or Romney. All college students are products of their environment. Coming from a blue collar working family students are more likely to vote for President Obama. Students who are having their loans paid off by their parents may be more likely to vote for Romney.

For some college students this might be their first time voting in a presidential election.  Although the policies of the future candidates vary like night and day, the Obama student loan policy will probably entice the majority of students that take out loans to vote for him.

While there might not be many policies that affect college students in this presidential election, student loan policies seems to be the one to grab their attention. Not having to be stressed about paying off college debt will take a lot off of a student’s mind.