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Hot Peppers for Hot Lips?

Pain is beauty, right? Putting some spicy foods like chili peppers on your lips to make them look fuller, takes this cliché to a whole new level.

Spicy foods can make your lips swell up, so crush some peppers and mix them with Vaseline or your favorite lip gloss and apply. Your lips might look a little fuller.

A writer for XO Vain, a beauty website, took on the dare of trying this DIY lip plumper. She tested out three different lip plumping ingredients: paprika, a chili pepper, and a hot chili pepper from Singapore called chili padi. Take a look at her results:

Concotion #1: Paprika, Vaseline, and Food Coloring (if you want)

From  XO Vain
From XO Vain


Her lips look a little fuller; however, the paprika didn’t do too much besides stain her lips and create a “tingly” feeling: “My lips were tingly, which I though was weird because I usually can’t taste the spiciness of paprika in my food. It’s only then that I realized that the heat I would feel on my lips would be more intense than what I would normally taste in my food.”

Concoction #2: Chili Pepper and Vaseline

From XO Vain
From XO Vain

The chili pepper definitely swelled her lips up a little here, and Faz felt the spice: “it was so crazy spicy that my lips started to swell and flush.”

Concoction #3: Chili Padi and Vaseline

From XO Vain
From XO Vain

It’s pretty obvious how well this hot pepper worked, but Faz had some difficulty with the effect of the pepper’s spiciness: “Motherf***er. I came close to burning my lips off my face with this one. I started crying, smudging my eyeliner; my lips were flushed and swelled up, and I had to wipe it off my lips as soon as a few photos were snapped.” So, if you opt for this DIY be careful and good luck!