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Hollywood’s Top Ten Ugliest Criers

The men and women of Hollywood have such impeccable good looks that it makes us “little people” feel like two cents.  Having the luxury of makeup artists, hair stylists, and fashion stylists at their fingertips definitely helps contribute to celebs’ good looks.  There is a natural remedy that strikes even the best looking celebrities with ugliness.  That remedy is none other than crying.  Stars are human after all, so of course they’re bound to be caught on camera sporting the water works.  Lucky for us, we have photographic evidence.  Here are the top ten ugliest, celebrity criers:


#10: Leann Rimes

Leann Rimes was famously known for her affair with actor, Eddie Cibrian.  She received a lot of negative press in the tabloids for not only cheating on her husband, but becoming a home wrecker in Cibrian’s marriage as well.  During an interview for E!News, Rimes sat down with host, Giulianna Rancic, to explain her side of the story.  She became very emotional discussing the pain and suffering the whole ordeal caused her.   Unfortunately for Rimes, her tears produced a not so pretty face.

#9: Katie Holmes

Girl next door, Katie Holmes, was caught crying in the streets of New York City in 2009.  Fear not, the tears were not induced by then husband, Tom Cruise, rather it was merely a dramatic scene she was filming for an upcoming movie.  Although her outfit is adorable, her emotional outburst is not.

#8: James Van Der Beek

Little did the “Dawon’s Creek” star know that this infamous screen shot of one of the show’s episodes would be recreated in countless memes all over the internet.  Dawson’s Creek was a show filled with plenty of emotional plot lines, and Van Der Beek happened to get choked up playing his character, Dawson Leery. Poor Dawson; he always got the short end of the stick.  Check out this hilarious “90’s Problems” meme:

#7: Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer plays the lovable Kurt Hummel in the hit show, Glee.  During a few emotional episodes, Colfer is caught making some pretty intense crying faces.  Although the actor has such a sweet face, he regrettably has not escaped the curse of the crier’s face.

#6: Britney Spears

It was incredibly difficult to pick just one disturbing photo of Britney crying, but the one below definitely takes the cake.  During an interview with Matt Lauer in 2006, Spears let her emotions fly when discussing her troubles with the paparazzi.  Oh 2006, Britney, things are about to get a lot worse for you in 2008.

#5: Heidi Montag

Reality villain, Heidi Montag of The Hills, was famously known for getting 10 plastic surgery operations in one day.  The once naturally beautiful California girl is now almost completely made of plastic.  On an episode of The Hills, Montag introduced her new look to her mother.  Mama was not pleased to say the least, which resulted in one of the ugliest cries in Hollywood’s history.  Ladies and gentlemen: Heidi Montag.

#4: Tobey MaGuire

Even Spiderman needs a good sob every once in a while.  Tobey MaGuire was caught with this ridiculous crying face in blockbuster, Spiderman 3. Just like our friend, James Van Der Beek, MaGuire fell victim to the hysterical cruel memes and gifs online.  Cheer up, Spidey.

# 3: Lindsay Lohan

What would be an ugly celebrity crying list without the one and only, Lindsay Lohan?  Just like Britney, LiLo has had her fair share of unattractive crying photos dispersed throughout the web.  It’s hard to keep track of all the reasons Lohan cries, but I’m going to take a wild guess and say that she disobeyed the law.  Yep, we’ll go with that.

#2: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has fallen off the radar lately, so I’ve decided to make her a little more relevant and add her onto the list of the ill-fated criers.  In horror film, House of Wax, Hilton made her acting debut (if you want to call it that).  In the film, she was so scared she was reduced to tears, which is scary in itself.

#1: Kim Kardashian

And the winner of the ugliest, celebrity crier goes to Miss Kim Kardashian.  Kardashian has been filmed in her reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians on countless occasions spilling out tears.  Through ordeals such as her sex tape, divorce, and fights with her siblings, this beautiful star has been caught appearing quite…hideous.  Please enjoy these unflattering photographs, and feel better about yourself.