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Holiday Shopping on a College Budget

The people we meet in college will be our friends for life is what we all heard once when entering college. To think all the people you meet and bond with you want to show you care about them. The holidays are fast approaching and a good time to show it. But like you and all your friends they wouldn’t have the money to buys gifts for everyone even when it’s crunch time for all projects due along with finals in a few weeks. There are easy ways to not drain your account for gifts or sacrifice time to get everyone something.

Candy Grams

By now residence life and organizations would sell candy grams to give out to friends or your CA’s. Proceeds would go to varies charities they support. For a very small cost you can send friends a nice treat and note while helping a good cause! But be careful there are some organizations would say you can only send one or two grams to choose someone that you can surprise with!

Secret Santa

Known as Pollyanna for some students you and a group of friends put you names in a hat and pick a name out. You shop a gift for only that person you got from the hat. During that time you can send positive notes or small candies to your secret person. At the end have a small party where you figure who was your Secret Santa along with yours. Some residence halls are holding their own Secret Santa so see if you dorm is holding one!

DIY (Do it yourself) projects

Instead buying premade gift bags or baked goods from stores make your own! Homemade sweets are always a nice idea. Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and put them in plastic gift bags, tie them with colorful ribbons and hand them out to all your friends. You also buy candy canes for at least $2 a dozen at a store just tie a notecard around each one with a nice ribbon!

Holiday Cards

If you are that artistic creative person this would a great idea to do! Go on Pinterest and look at some ideas to be inspired what to say or decorate on cards. Just get paper and start decorating card personally and write to your friends a positive message about them and how much you care about them. Also saying a happy holiday and seeing them next semester.