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Hairstyles To Dye For!

Sick of the same old hairstyle, yet not gutsy enough to make any drastic changes to your mane?  Sure, the pixie haircut is a bold, yet girlish retro look — for the first couple of days, that is.  But once the realization seeps in that you’ve just chopped off those long locks that took you seven exhausting years to grow out, you’ll be wanting to rip your hair out.  In order to avoid similar atrocities, here are some simple, stylish and, most importantly, nonpermanent tips and tricks to give yourself a fresh and edgy look.

The Blunt Bang: In 2007, straight-across bangs were all the rage.  But after their 15 minutes of fame, this hairstyle retired along with Britney’s career. After a couple years of retirement, however, this hairstyle is back with a bang — no pun intended. Well, maybe a little.  Everyone is rocking blunt bangs these days, from the catwalk to the hipster girl who lives across the hall.  These bangs are here to stay awhile.

Ombré Hair: For those who do not know, “Ombré” is the fancy name for darkening the top and lightening the ends of your hair.  Many celebrities, like Rachel Bilson and Drew Barrymore, have been seen sporting this trend.  Although it involves hair dye, Ombré hair is not such a radical transformation as it is just a different approach, since is doesn’t involve altering the length or shape of your tresses.

Colored Highlights: Go on, just do it.  Dye a strip of your hair mint green.  Dip your tips in pastel pink.  It’s fun, playful and truly a bold statement; which is what beauty is all about.  When you get tired of the coloring, simply dye that area back to match your original color. (Note: In order to get rid of colored tips, you would have to dye your whole head.) So be a little daring.  You’ll be sure to receive many comments and compliments for your courage alone.

What are you waiting for?  Don’t waste another minute with the hairstyle you’ve been rocking for the past five years.  Change it up! Now get out there and turn some heads  — with yours.