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Game Of Thrones Characters in High School

Season five of Game Of Thrones draws near as fans cry out for more content on the characters and where we left them. Websites, blogs, YouTube channels and all other forms of media will be providing an abundance of recaps and predictions leading up to the April 12 premiere.

What fans haven’t yet been provided with is an alternate universe to Game Of Thrones. Marvel’s done it, DC has done it, heck even South Park and Family Guy have done it! So why not our beloved GOT? I say it’s time.

Game of Thrones no longer takes place in Westeros. Instead, the characters have been thrown into a world of drama and standardized testing we all have had to face–high school. Thankfully for our characters, beheadings, poison, and white walkers are no longer an issue, which is why some old favorites, and perhaps one that we cheered to death, will make a return. The question that remains is: What role would these characters play in high school?
robRob Stark-
Confident, charismatic and intelligent. Rob Stark puts these traits to use as Class President, President of Student Government, Key Club member and a distinguished honors student. He is what others would call an over-achiever but the truth is that Rob Stark is a natural born leader. His voice commands attention as students flock to follow him. He could easily become Prom King if he so desired, but prefers to devote his time reforming the school to the benefit of others.

Tyrion Lannister-
Tyrion was never the most popular. He was bullied at a young age due to his differences and was always overshadowed by his big brother. However, what he lacks in stature is more than made up by his wit, cunning mind and kind heart. Always quick on his feet, Tyrion is captain of the debate team and the lovable class-clown.

Sansa Stark-
Sansa is one to be greatly underestimated. She often comes across as daft and materialistic, caring only about finding love no matter the consequences. What others don’t see is her greatest strength. Calculative and quiet, she masks her brilliance behind a pretty face telling others what they want to hear while secretly hiding a royal flush. She’s plays the role as cheerleader and honor student, waiting for the moment to reveal her true self.

Arya Stark-
Unlike her sister, Arya tells it like it is. As a member of the softball and basketball team, she defies “gender norms” and laughs at the naivety of those who tell her to act like a lady. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and will defend those in need. She has found a dear friend in Daenerys and plans to join the military after graduation.

Oberyn Martell-
As a sportsman and one of the most eligible bachelors at his high school, Baseball isn’t the only field Oberyn plays. He is a well-known lady killer and has been known to bat for the other team. Oberyn is cool, calibrated and confident with a hot mustang. Regardless of his “active” reputation, he has no trouble finding a line up of anxious, jittery dates on Saturday nights. I mean, can we hardly blame them?

Joeffrey Baratheon-
Joeffrey perfectly embodies the likeness of a six year old with anger issues when he is in fact a freshman in high school. As a Draco Malfoy clone on steroids, he is a violent bully and exhibits many of the traits of a psychopath. The majority of his time is spent picking fights, throwing tantrums and dramatically threatening to chop off people’s heads. The principal and teachers assume he is projecting due to unresolved issues with his unknown father. Others realize that he is a horrid human being bound to get his just deserts.

Cersie Lannsiter- 
Cersie is of course Miss Popular. Always dressed to the nines ready for a photo shoot, she is the head cheerleader and dating a hunk of a quarterback. As a powerful figure she is both loved and slightly feared by many. She would certainly be at the head of the “Mean Girls” table, never forgetting to wear pink on Wednesdays. Cersie and her beau are currently fighting for the crown as prom queen and king. It seems there may be trouble in paradise as certain secrets concerning the two may begin to leak.

Jamie Lannister-
‘Jamie’ is a name that all are bound to know. When peers are asked, it is a name that can be associated with handsome, brave, strong and most widespread, ‘Jock’. Jamie is the Quarterback of the football team and is the best player the high school has seen in years. This was of course before the awful accident that rendered his left hand completely useless. The handicap did not stop the determined sportsman as he trained himself back to fighting shape. In his courageous recovery, Jamie has gathered even more fame and is well-liked throughout the school. He hopes this will be the shining knight that overpowers his unlikable cheerleader girlfriend in the fight to be crowned Prom King.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen-
Like Tyrion, Daenerys had a rough start in middle school. Struck with poverty and a shy demeanor, she was ruthlessly bullied until she found her place. In the summer before freshman year, she broke from her shell and emerged from the fire un-burnt as a major hottie. A searing passion to protect those who are subjected to cruelty replaced her meek persona and left behind a strong independent dragon of a woman that was always there.

Khal Drogo-
State wrestling champ and exchange student, Khal has more of a posse than actual friends. His group adores him and looks to him as a leader, but Khal is a man with a hard outer shell. He has a kind soul that few have seen apart from Daenerys. Since their first date on horseback, the two have grown inseparable, truly bringing out the best in each other. With Khal’s hot head and Daenerys’ passionate disposition, the two were a match made in heaven.

What do you think? Would Cersie and Jamie become king? Would Joeffrey learn the error of his ways and grow up to be a productive member of society? That last one is highly unlikely, but still possible. This is Game Of Thrones after all, almost anything can happen.
Get ready Ladies and Gentleman, season five is almost here.

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