College can wreck havoc on a students body from the stress, work, eating junk food, and not having enough time to clock in hours at the gym. This workout is easy to do in your dorm room or any open space that won’t take much of your time and will show results if you stick with the routine.

1. The first move we are going to do is the Plank. This move is best due to it’s versatility of toning your core, arms, butt, and thighs. You are going to get into a push up position hands directly under your shoulders. Your body should be long and straight with your butt down. Hold for one minute then you can drop. Do this for two reps



2. The side plank is one of the best moves for love handles, which is a problem for the majority of women. Stack your one foot on top of the other and press your torso up so it is off the ground. Hold for 40 seconds then repeat on the opposite side that is one rep. Do two reps. (If you want to challenge yourself move your torso up and down)

Side Plank



3. The next move is leg lifts, do thirty leg lifts and after you do that hold your legs two inches off the ground for thirty seconds.






4. Quick Cardio: one minute of Mountain Climbers. If you don’t know how to do a Mountain Climbers you are in a push up position and you just bring your knees toward your chest






5.  Staying in that position bring your knee to the outside of your arm for thirty seconds.







6. Another move that works is bringing your knee to the opposite elbow slowly for thirty seconds. Shown in the photo below






7. A challenging move that works wonder for your abs is laying on your back. Take your left arm and reach it toward your right leg lifting your body up with it. Do 20 on the left arm then switch and do 20 on the right arm.



8.  Side to Side: Take a full water bottle in both hands and lift your legs off the ground and move the water bottle side to side touching the ground.

9. End with another minute of Mountain Climbers. Then you completed your first workout session! Repeat this sequence 3-5 times a week. If you need to modify this workout do less sets and take little breaks in between. This workout typically takes fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.