Fashion Week Style on a Budget

Fashion Week pictures from the Vogue UK site

Paris 2013 Fashion Week was one for the books, but can these wild looks become ready-to-wear? With the retail store Forever 21 as a closet, the answer is yes.

Louis Vuitton turned up the volume with what can be called punk couture. There was a lot of black and a lot of sass. To recreate this look try wearing the Boxy Varsity Shirt ($9.80), Luxe Faux Fur Infinity Scarf ($20.80), and the Abstract Tribal Print Leggings ($15.80). 

Boxy Varsity Shirt ($9.80)
Luxe Faux Fur Infinity Scarf ($20.80)
Abstract Tribal Print Leggings ($15.80)










Next is a ‘90s prep/punk flashback look from Chanel. The Cool Girl Plaid Dress ($22.80) has that prep edge fashionista’s are looking for. Add the Spiked Tuxedo Blazer ($32.80) and the Class Faux Leather Pumps ($15.80) with a pair of black knee high socks, and the look is complete.

Cool Girl Plaid Dress ($22.80)
Spiked Tuxedo Blazer ($32.80)
Class Faux Leather Pumps ($15.80)










Color, color, and more color is what designer Emanuel Ungaro brought to Fashion Week. An outfit of one bright color can seem hard to pull off, but not if it’s done tastefully. The Cool Pleated Skater Skirt in Royal ($13.80), the Everyday Chiffon Shirt in Royal ($14.80), tucked into the skirt or tied at the waist, and a cute pair of black heels like the Modernist Open-Toe Booties ($36.80) would make the outfit shine.

Cool Pleated Skater Skirt in Royal ($13.80)
Everyday Chiffon Shirt in Royal ($14.80)
Modernist Open-Toe Booties ($36.80)










Valentino went ethnic with beautiful patterns and prints for his runway show. To recreate that foreign affair feel, definitely opt for a print with lots of color on a neutral backdrop. The Neon Mesh Crop Top ($22.80) paired with the matching Neon Midi Skirt ($22.80), a pair of black sandals like the Metal-Trimmed Thong Sandals ($16.80), and a cute headband like the Dazzle ‘Em Headband ($4.80) will make it seem like you just stepped off the runway.

Neon Mesh Crop Top ($22.80) paired with the matching Neon Midi Skirt ($22.80)
Dazzle ‘Em Headband ($4.80)

Metal-Trimmed Thong Sandals ($16.80)









Huffington Post reporter Elizabeth Nicholas wrote a story on Maiyet’s show that summarized the rest of Paris Fashion Week 2013 as well. “The clothes were crisp yet diaphanous, glamorous yet refined, declarative yet subtle. They were ethereal, with punch,” she said.

Bloomsburg University senior Zoe Baldwin agreed with Nicholas. ‘”Some of the outfits I saw weren’t like anything I’ve seen before. They were unique, but still so stylish.”

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