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Fantasy Football: Addiction or Hobby?

Fantasy Football (ESPN)
Fantasy Football (ESPN)

Fantasy football is a competition with customized teams that are chosen through a draft.

There are different kinds of leagues to join. There can be leagues for work, school, or even between close friends. Each person is like a general manager or head coach. They draft players to their team just like real NFL front offices do. They also decide who plays and who sits each week.

The big picture of fantasy football is to rack up as many points as you can with the players you have. Points are scored through the NFL games that occur every week. There is strategy in it with choosing players you think will do well or are predicted to do well. Injuries are also a big factor because it could be your top draft pick that gets hurt and can’t play because of an injury, which in some cases can be season-ending.

Fifty-seven million people from the ages of 12 and up play fantasy football. With so many people playing, it could be portrayed as an addiction or it could be just a hobby someone enjoys. It really depends on how each individual feels when playing it. Some are doing it for fun and some are doing it for the money. A lot of people do see it as an addiction.

Fantasy Football
Fantasy Football (Draft Kings)

Some students on campus that play fantasy football feel that it is addictive to them and the people that they play. Being able to control what players you get and who plays is like a game, but if you are playing for money you are obviously going to try to do the best that you can. You put some money into the pool in hope of having more money at the end of the season from what you started with.

To most adults, fantasy football is as ADDICTIVE as a kid wanting ice cream!