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Falling Head Over Heels for Fall Nails

Fall is upon us: time for big comfy sweaters and scarves, but don’t forget about your nails. From popular nail colors to designs, this article has got you covered. Can’t decide what to paint on this Halloween? We’ve got the cure- the manicure that is.
Look for navy blues, burnt reds, khaki, and emerald greens to appear this fall.


Even though these may be richer colors it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. Use a textured polish or differ certain nail’s colors.

Reluctant to give up your neon nails? Not a problem! A current trend now is to splatter your nails with bright and bold colors. Just put on a base color (typically white), splatter away, and use nail polish remover to clear around your nails.

Fall is truly beautiful with the changing colors of the leaves, so why not incorporate that beauty into your nails? These designs may be challenging, but I’m sure you’ll nail it.

Design your nails to match your Halloween costume this season! From a nurse, a cat, superhero, or even a minion, there’s a creative design waiting to be unleashed.


Or, if you just can’t find the perfect costume design, you can’t go wrong with a Halloween inspired design or even nails that glow in the dark.

Rich, warm colors, fun splatters, adorable leaves, and crazy cute costume nails are here for fall. Go ahead and have fun with your nails this season!

Abbey Willcox is a secondary education and English major at Bloomsburg University with a minor in creative writing. She is currently the Opinion and Editorial editor. Abbey focuses on creating fun, interesting and informative articles while helping others shape their unique crafts.