Fall Fashion Alert!

Are you sick of the sweltering, hot and sweaty weather? I think it’s the time of year that we all are. Yes, we love the cute fashion trends of the summer like the cute boho-chic crop tops paired with our favorite high-waisted cheeky shorts, but it’s time to kiss them goodbye… at least for now. As we welcome the new season with open arms, we’re opening our closets even wider to those fall fasoxbloodhion trends we can never get enough of.

 One trend that keeps coming back every year is that deep, oxblood maroon shade. Whether it’s a      scarf, pants or a cable knit sweater, this shade is here to stay. The best thing about this trend is that  it works for guys and girls. This color is so diverse and pairs great with cool, darker shades.

 Another trend happening this upcoming fall is 70’s rocker meets 90’s soft grunge. There really is  nothing better than pairing your favorite flannel with a sleek pair of leather leggings. One item that  should be in everyone’s closet is that “go-to” leather jacket that you can wear hhrtshwith almost anything. 

Cozy, cable knit sweaters are a must when it comes to fall fashion. You can dress these sweaters up for a chilly night out or you can dress them down with a pair of your stylish over the kneee5db2cdb4d7b3146e11495d9f60b477e boots. Just when you think crop tops are finally  making their way out of the fashion scene, they find a way to  sneak back up on us in sweater version, except not as drastic. This semi-cropped sweater trend can be paired with  your favorite high waist jeans or a skater skirt with some  stockings and a scarf to match.

 What’s one of the best cold weather trends happening this fall  you ask? Trench coats, of course! These jackets come in all  different styles, shades and fits. Finding one that fits your  silhouette can be easier than ever. Whether you’re going for a day time casual look or a sleek style for a night on the town, this item will Trenchcoat-bebetake your look to the next level.

What are some of your favorite fall trends? Let us know what you would like to see more of this upcoming season!