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Evan Graf: From the President’s Eye

Evan Graf, 22, senior Telecommunications student at Bloomsburg University is the Chapter president of NBS, National Broadcasting Society. Graf can always be found in the Mass Communications building where he spends countless hours in Studio B. In Studio B Graf edits project after project making sure great segments are produced. His dedication to the organization is easy to recognize.

“I spend a lot of time in Studio B, I call it a second home. Some people think I even sleep in there. I joke around that there should be a cot in there for me,” he said.

Graf first heard of NBS his freshmen year at an activities fair. Although he thought it looked interesting he did not officially join until his sophomore year. The continued advisement from his professors pushed him to sign up and become an official member.

Graf has helped in the productions of “Day in the Life”, a show that spotlights a college student in their everyday life. Graf films the student’s classes, appointments, meetings and time spent with friends. Along with “Day in the Life” Graf also produces and outdoor segment that follows the NBS members trekking through the woods exploring and having fun.

As a junior, Graf was elected vice president of NBS and after the completion of his year, his dedication to the organization was recognized and by substantial support from members of the club, Evan was declared president of NBS for 2011-2012.

“I had such a great support system, everyone said I should be president, that I would make a positive difference,” he said.

In his efforts to provide more for his organization Graf encourages his members to attend conventions. At conventions members are able to network with other pre-professionals seeking to have a career in telecommunications. Graf himself has gone to Indiana University of Pennsylvania for Regional Activity; Los Angeles, Ca for National Conference and Mercyhurst College this past Fall for Regional Activity.

Graf works very hard to create a fun, motivated organization. Dedication and involvement are two key traits he wants his members to have towards the organization. To do so, Graf begins working internally making sure his executive board is expressing positive attitudes.

“To get members more involved we created a variety show where my executive board will be producing a new show and recruiting members. During our meetings, we will be filming the show live. This will help our newer members see everything in action and in turn I hope they get excited for our meetings.”

As far as the success of the organization, Graf is happy with the strides that have been taken. Graf feels the motivation is much more evident therefore translating into a positive difference. After he graduates in May, Graf hopes the next president will have the same amount of motivation and dedication to NBS. Graf wants NBS to continue being a fun, strongly sought after organization for all students.