A Royal Affair

The loss of Royal Pizzeria in Bloomsburg is like the loss of Pat’s in Philadelphia.

A few short months ago, Royal’s Pizzeria was shut down. It was a sad day in the small town of Bloomsburg.

Charles Canning, sophomore at Bloomsburg University, explained how he found out Royal’s was closed.

Canning said, “I was out on a Saturday night and I was starving, so my friends and I walked to Royal. But I found it to be pitch black inside, even the open sign was turned off!”

At the time Canning said, “It was weird, but I just figured they were taking the weekend off.”

Canning went to Royal every weekend, he said, “Royal was bumping Thursday through Saturday night! I can’t believe they closed up!”

Canning explained how Royal was so much more than pizza, “It was a party! A pizza party!”

Derek Goodwin, sophomore at Bloomsburg University, said that he was with Canning the night they found Royal closed.

“I was so confused as to why it was closed, but I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined that Royal was no more!” said Goodwin.

Goodwin said, “It was literally like a club in there on the weekends. Girls were dancing on the tables; guys were fist pumping like champs to the blasting music. It was a great time!”

“You just couldn’t beat the prices, service, and the people,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin is aware that a new restaurant, called Franks, moved into Royal’s old stomping grounds.

“Franks doesn’t even compare!” said Goodwin, “I went there the other night and the lines were outrageous, it took so long that I left. Not to mention, they didn’t even have music playing!”

Goodwin said he just wants Royal back.

Brittany Scott, sophomore at Bloomsburg University, was absolutely enraged when she found out Royal’s was replaced by Franks.

Scott said, “Royal always went out of their way to please their customers. If they messed up my order they more than compensated me.”

“However, Franks is the complete opposite!” Scott said she ordered a sub from Franks, and they forgot about her order. They then preceded to tell her they no longer had sub rolls, so they couldn’t make her order.

“I’m so angry!” Scott yelled. “I will never place an order there ever again.”

Royal Pizzeria was a force to be reckoned with and it’s a shame that it is no longer apart of the downtown strip.

Royal Pizzeria was so loved by Bloomsburg University students that any restaurant following in its footsteps is bound to face the heat of scrutiny.



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