Cute and Casual Outfits for Class

Tired of Uggs, yoga pants, the North Face jacket, and a sloppy side bun? We are too.  Getting dressed for class can be a pain, especially if you have an early morning class, but you don’t need to sacrifice style in order to get ready in time.  Below are some simple ideas to bring some personality back into your outfits so you don’t look like a clone. We promise this won’t take up all your time and energy in the morning.

Jeans are the most versatile and easy way to stay casual while also looking stylish. They’re easy to build an outfit from. Simply add a cute top, bag, scarf, or jewelry to give it personality.  You can also add a hoodie or jacket to keep warm, and slip on shoes that you can step into on your way out the door.

When it’s too cold for tee-shirts and slip-ons, cozy up with a sweater or heavy knit scarf, and pair it with a pair of cute boots. Especially here in Bloomsburg, a pair of leather boots or cute rain boots will help protect your feet from getting wet…much better than a pair of Uggs.

Add your own personal style back into your outfits. Not only will looking the part increase your professors’ attitudes about you, but can also help boost your energy to get things done!