Could there be a New Fashion Cop in Town?

Following the death of Joan Rivers, on Sept. 4, the future of Fashion Police is in question. It has already been decided by Melissa Rivers that the show will go on. Now, all the talk is about who will be replacing Joan Rivers on the show. Rivers wasn’t afraid to say what she thought, but she always put a comedic twist on the show; it’s going to be tough to find someone who can do her job even remotely well.

A few names for Rivers’ replacement have been circulating, but the most prominent is Kathy Griffin. Griffin allegedly keeps going back and forth on how she feels about the situation, and it is unclear whether talk of her replacing Rivers is true or just a rumor. According to Hollywood Take, Griffin has denied the rumor of her pushing for the position while Rivers was still in a coma. Despite other rumors that she’s the top contender and will most likely replace Rivers, Griffin makes a statement that proves she has no interest in the job:

“It’s disgusting. It’s not true. I know that stuff shouldn’t even bother me at this stage in my career. I thought I’d heard it all, but that one hurts because it’s as far from the truth as you can get. I would never take Joan’s job. Joan and I had a different style. She absolutely was my mentor for sure, but no.”

The Hollywood Take goes on to say that other sources have said that Kathy Griffin is Melissa River’s first choice for her mother’s replacement. She wants someone who her mother would have approved of, so who better than Griffin since Rivers was her mentor?


So, for now, there is just merely talk about Kathy Griffin replacing Rivers on Fashion Police, but it appears as though she is strongly wanted. The question is will Griffin accept the offer?