Controversy Over Furious 7 and Paul Walker’s death

Paul Walker was a beloved actor mostly known for his role in the Fast & Furious movies as Brian O’Conner. Unfortunately, his life was taken about a year and a half ago on Nov. 30, 2013.

article-fast4n-10He was in the passenger seat with his friend, Roger Rodas, who was behind the wheel. They were on their way to Walker’s charity organization, Reach Out Worldwide, when they crashed into a tree at full speed.

At least he died doing something he loved: racing or being in a racing car. His death was ironic considering he was in the Fast & Furious movies.

Since Walker’s death occurred in the middle of filming Furious 7, according to Vulture, the film shut down for a while and the release date was delayed until the director figured out how to reconfigure around the footage they had of Walker.

The film deploys doubles of Walker, played by his two brothers Cody and Caleb. One of the scenes that was actually Cody or Caleb was when characters Dom and Mia were talking about Brian’s future, but he was barely in the scene. When they did show him, it was mostly his back. When their house exploded, the scene was filtered through smoke to hide the computer-generated face graft.

In the very end when the crew is on the beach and Brian, Mia, and their son Jack are by the water, they mostly show the back of him. It was obviously one of his brothers.

The whole Fast & Furious crew did a great job finishing the film while having to work around Walker’s death. Having his brothers was a lot of help too. However, Film School Rejects attacks the movies, pretty much saying that the Fast & Furious movies are ridiculous and dangerous. There are a lot of scenes in the movie, like Dom (Vin Diesel) driving off a cliff. The car is destroyed but he survives. In real-life, people are less likely to survive a crash like that.

This site also states that a lot of the audience for the film is teenagers who pick up the actions in the movies and try the stunts themselves. These teens furious 7 stuntmay do it because it looks cool or because the characters in the movie survived so they think they will, or maybe because Walker was in a car going that fast in real-life and he died from it, so they do it for him.

The Fast & Furious movies may have dangerous scenes and unrealistic events, but it’s just a movie. Not every movie or show is realistic. Teens are old enough to know the difference, or they should. Maybe the movies should say in the beginning “Do not try these stunts at home,” but it’s pretty obvious that they’re dangerous.