Chosing the Alternative for Spring Break
This year the Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) is working to start a new tradition: hosting an alternative spring break. The goal is to give students on campus the opportunity to work within different communities and make a difference, even if for only one week.

As many have already begun counting down for Christmas break, we encourage everyone to look a little farther: Do you have any plans for spring break? Are you wanting to do something more or help people who are often marginalized?

Mark February 28th through March 7th, 2009, as your week to do the unexpected. This spring break, the Catholic Campus Ministry will be taking a group of students down to Pittsburgh to live in the community and volunteer their time at several local agencies with the Change a Heart Program. The opportunities include helping out at a soup kitchen, working with veterans, assissting teachers in childcare, handing out clothes to the homeless, and making connections with people who are often overlooked.

The theme for this week is Change; and every day a new challenge will be posed to the volunteers as they reflect on what it means to make a difference as a Christian. As Ghandi once said, we must “Be the change!”

If this article has sparked any interest please come to our Informational Meeting on November 4th (Election Day!) at 7:30 pm in the Newman House, down from Carver Hall; it’s the house immediately after Rose Avenue on the right. You can also contact CCM at

For further information visit the Change of Heart Website.