Fashion For Breast Cancer Awareness

October isn’t only the month for Halloween; it’s also the month for Breast Cancer. October is known for Breast  Cancer Awareness Month.  During this month many people partake in numerous events and fashion trends to show their support for breast cancer.

One fashion trend that continues to stick is pink hair for hope. At different salons all over the world, people are partaking in a fundraiser to help breast cancer and it sure has become a fashion statement. Many people today get pink extensions or dye a piece of their hair pink in honor of breast cancer. It is inexpensive and proceeds go to a great cause.

Many different companies take part in this event also. Stores all over sell more pink items this month and all the proceeds go to breast cancer. Stores and companies that take part in this event are Old Navy, Juicy, and Avon.  There are a couple of popular shirts that always surface during the month with the sayings are “save the ta-tas”, “help save second base” etc.  

Not only do stores and large companies take part in the fashion trend, many sports, such as the NFL, add a little pink into their uniforms. They could be wearing pink shirts for warm-ups, pink pre-wrap, sweat bands, gloves and even cleats.

October will always be associated with breast cancer.  Do you take part in the pink trend for support?