Boy Meets World Is Back With Girl Meets World

After a decade, viewers are reunited with Cory and Topanga Matthews from Boy Meets World with Girl Meets World, coming in 2014 on Disney Channel. There a few changes, of course.

Cory and Topanga had two children, the youngest named Riley. The story continues with Riley, and the mishaps that she gets into, just as Cory did when he was a boy. Riley has a friend, Maya Hart, who is  predicted to be like Cory’s friend Shawn Hunter.

Of course, there’s always a love story; as we saw with Cory and Topanga. There’s a cutie named Tristan Friar. Will there be a love connection between him and Riley? Maybe even Maya and Tristan will have a love connection.

Mr. Feeney will be back with his always inspiring words, Cory’s brother Eric will return with all of his jokes and funny moments as before, and Shawn Hunter will have his stories and experiences of how he was when he was younger to tell the kids so then they won’t get into as much trouble as he did. According to Screen Rant, the setting is in New York City, and Cory is the new Feeny character, the History teacher at his daughter’s middle school.

If you loved Boy Meets World, you should stay tuned and watch Girl Meets Worldin 2014 on Disney Channel!