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Bloomsburg Police Post Biggest Block Party Numbers Yet

After a record setting number of citations at the 2015 Block Party for Bloomsburg police, many thought there would be a determent in turnout in 2016—that just wasn’t the case.

Across the board, numbers were up in 2016 in a day where cops had their hands full, not only with thousands of drunken college kids, but numerous amounts of fights and even stabbings.

Once again, the breadwinner for the Bloomsburg police was the open container violation. There were 214 of these given out this past weekend up from 135 in 2015. Just like last year, most of these were given out along Fetterman Ave. where police had a white lines set up that students couldn’t cross or else they would get ticketed.

Bloomsburg police handed out nearly a hundred underage drinking violations at this years Block Party, while only giving out 65 all of last year. More underages were given out at this year’s Block Party than the combined years of 2011 through 2013—a huge crackdown by Bloomsburg police.

One of the scarier statistics from this past weekend’s events were the number of criminal charges, 14, which was up from 6 last year and was more than the combined years of 2011-2014.

All of these statistics lead into the question—Is Block Party getting too dangerous or is it being over-policed?

I guess that’s up for the students to decide.

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