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Beauty on a Budget: How to get the most out of your makeup


Makeup: some people use it every day whether it’s just foundation or eyeliner. In a perfect world our makeup would last forever, but it is not a perfect world, and it isn’t cheap either. After a while our makeup dries up or cracks before we can get the full use out of it. Well, with this beauty on a budget’s tips you will be able to get not only get the most out of your makeup, but also out of your money.



Broken powdered Cover Up

            Don’t you hate it when you are using a pressed powder foundation and it cracks and turns to dust? Fret no more because all you need is a spoon and some rubbing alcohol and it will be good as new.


What to do

First, you are going to want to make sure that all of the makeup is powdery and not in chunks. What you want to do is take the spoon and crush it up. Afterwards, you will put four to five drops, or until it turns paste like, of rubbing alcohol into the compact and mix thoroughly. Then, take the spoon and smooth out the paste. It will look a lot darker than the original shade, but don’t worry, once it dries it will go back to normal. When it is all flattened out let it sit open for at least two days or until completely dry. After, it is ready to use and your face will be flawless once again.


Dried Mascara

            Mascara has an average life of three months, after that it becomes all dried up and unusable. Just use this next tip to bring you mascara back to life.

What to do

            All you need for this quick fix is contact or saline solution. Take the solution and just add two to three drops, no more or it will get too watery and when you put it on will smudge all over your face. Once the drops are in, close the cap, shake it up and twirl the brush around the inside. Shake it for a couple seconds and you are good to go.


Old Eye shadow

            Over the years, if you are anything like me, you accumulate a lot of different palates and shades of eye shadow. Some of the colors don’t even get used because maybe you don’t like that particular color. Another issue is nail polish, it can get really expensive and with all the different bottles it can take up a lot of room. What if there was a way to use your old eye shadow as nail polish? Well, now you can.


What to do

What you are going to need for this is simply a bowl, clear nail polish, and eye shadow (preferably a darker shade so it will show up better). Crush up some of the eye shadow in your bowl and add a few drops of clear polish but make sure not too much. Next, just mix it together, you can use the brush from the clear nail polish, and use nail polish remover later to clean the brush. Once thoroughly mixed you are ready to paint your nails. Apply it right away because it dries really fast. It is just that simple. Now you can change the color of your nail polish whenever you want. Also, if you don’t have any old eye shadow you can go to a local drug store and buy a really cheap palate.


So the next time you need to go to the store to get more beauty products, save yourself time and money by following these quick tips. You will be able to increase the life of your makeup and increase the amount of money in your wallet. Remember you don’t need to have a lot of money in the bank to look like a million bucks.

Cailley Breckinridge is a Senior at Bloomsburg University majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Telecommunications. She is currently the Managing Editor. This is her sixth semester writing for BUnow.