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Are UV Nail Lights Giving You Cancer?

nailsGel manicures have become a staple in many girls’ routines because of how convenient they are. There’s no drying time and your nails won’t chip for up to two weeks unlike regular nail polish. Gel manicures seem like the obvious choice, because, really, who likes sitting with your hands immobile under a machine, waiting for your nails to dry? No one if you ask me; however, this little time saver could be costly to your health. Those UV rays are putting you at risk for skin cancer.

If you’re an avid user of UV drying lights, you are more at risk. Researchers from JAMA Dermatology found that as little as eight uses of a UV nail lamp over two years will lend enough exposure to put you at serious risk of cancer. The more wattage each lamp uses, the more UV light is emitted into your skin.

Each machine only emits a small amount of UV rays, between one and eight joules and up to 60 joules creates enough damage to cause skin cancer. The constant exposure is what gets you. Going back every two weeks is where you add up the damage to your hands. These little machines have been compared to large tanning beds and would need to receive them frequently to pose the same risk.fingers

The big C is terrifying to most, so using precaution when indulging in a gel manicure is necessary. Before going to receive your manicure, or even during, put sunscreen on your hands for a little extra protection. You could also wear gloves with the tips cut off and just your nails exposed. Even when you get a regular manicure, some of the driers use UV lights, so opt for a fan drier instead. Prevention is key so be smart when getting your manicure.