Annoying Things that Happen While Waiting for the Shuttle

Most of the students here at Bloomsburg University have taken or will take the shuttle buses at some point during their time here. We’ve all experienced these certain irritating things that occur at the bus stop.

At the lower campus stop, outside Centennial, you wait for what seems like forever. The line that forms gets longer and you keep looking back to see how many more students have added to the end of the line. You finally spot a giant white figure by the Rec Center. You get excited,  and finally it has arrived. It gets closer and then stops in front of the benches, right before the turn. It lets the students out and then drives right past you and all of the other students anxiously waiting. Of course you’re pissed at this point, like what the hell?! I’ve been waiting all this time and you’re just going to drive past me?

So you keep waiting, and of course this car comes by blasting music. You sarcastically think, ‘yeah you’re cool.’ But then it keeps going and you’re like ‘wait, let me get a ride.’

Sometimes there’s that one person in line who’s smoking. So you’re stuck there, suffering from the terrible stench of cancer in a stick. And of course, there’s that one person loudly speaking on the phone, like do you have to be so loud?talking loudly

In the winter, there are those people that wait inside Centennial. So when the bus finally comes, they walk out and just cut in front of everyone. I don’t know about you guys, but that really bothers me.

The bus finally comes, and a bunch of students pour out of the bus. You watch them get off thinking, ‘Okay, who do I know.’ Sometimes you get the attention of those you know, other times you don’t know anyone that just came off the bus so you think, ‘wow all those people on the bus, and I don’t know any of them, that’s sad.”

You get onto the bus and take a seat. It keeps loading up. If you have that one certain bus driver, the bus smells like stale cigarettes. Of course, not everyone in the line fits and you think to yourself more could fit if the people standing in the back would just move back more. There are always those certain people who sit on the end seat with the window seat open, but when there are that many people, you need to move over.

As the bus starts to drive away, you look back and feel bad for those students who waited all that time and didn’t make it on the bus.

still waitingAnother thing that is really annoying is how they only have one bus running at night, so you’re stuck there waiting even longer. The waiting is terrible so when you’re headed to the bus stop and see it coming from a far distance, you sprint to it regardless of how stupid you look. Sometimes you try so hard to get there, and then it just drives away when you’re so close to making it.

Well, that’s how things usually happen for me while waiting for the shuttle. Are there any bad or annoying experiences that you’ve had involving the shuttle bus?