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An Open Letter to 17-year-old Kylie Jenner

Dear Ky,

I’m writing to you because I need to get this all off my chest. I want you to know, I’m not jealous. This post is not to bash you. I’m simply being honest.

First off, I want you to know that I sincerely wish you the best with everything. Your brand new house, TV show, your ageing appearance, your hair extensions, your lip job, your singing career? Oh, and recently rumored boob job. I hope you achieve social media attraction throughout your whole life. I hope you reach one billion followers on both Twitter and Instagram. May you keep posting scandalous Snap Chats that makes us all ponder what you’re doing throughout your day. Oh, and Ky, girl to girl here, you can do a lot better than Tyga, but I still wish you the best with whatever is happening with that whole situation.

On Wednesday June 17, you announced via Snap Chat that you have been bullied since you were 9–years-old. That’s awful. I feel your pain, and I’m sure the other millions of kids who were and are bullied every day feel your pain as well. I mean lets face it, the 5th grader that wore beaten up, old Sketchers to school today, because that’s all their parents could afford, is getting hardcore bullied just because of their foot ware but you obviously have it much worse.

I understand that the TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has been playing since 2007. I remember, I had to sneak around my parents to watch it because they informed me it was “crap TV”. You really have been in the eyes of the world since you were about 9 years old. That sucks. It’s crazy how one sex tape can make a whole family famous, and I’m sorry you were on the receiving end of that fame.

But please girl, let’s be real, it seems like you LOVE the spotlight.

Your Instagram proves that.




Now I do have to admit, I envy you driving around in your Mercedes G-Class SUV. When I was 16 I wasn’t even allowed to get my license because I skipped one day of school and my parents found out. But now that I’m 20-years-old, working two jobs, constantly trying to get my writing on Total Sorority Move, and still driving my Subaru Forester(it has a big sun roof at least) I still would never of wanted to be you at 17. I still get told I don’t look 20 years old, and news flash honey- being told you look younger is a compliment.

So at 17, which is almost four years ago now (ew). I was a senior in a (hell hole) public high school. I still had braces, wore head gear to bed (wish I was kidding), didn’t own make up, had no idea you could get such a thing as lip implants, didn’t have to pluck my eye brows, didn’t own a smart phone, had just gotten my license, and had a job after school. Now, compare my 17-year-old life to yours. Compare your life to the other billion 17-year-olds out there who probably still wear braces.


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That’s me on the right at 17. And then there is you on the left at 17..


I started following you on Snap Chat a couple days after you released its name because I honestly wanted to see how much cooler a 17-year-old was than me. After all, I’m over here unglamorously slaving away trying to get a degree and compared to what you’re doing that’s not cool at all Your days, according to your Snap Chats, mostly consist of you shopping, driving, trying to sing, selfies, your body, your meet and greets, people taking pictures of you, you, you, and more you. All of which is obviously way cooler than learning something and getting a degree…but that’s a subject for a later day.

You are 17-years-old and four million people follow you on Snap Chat, approximately 26.8 million on Instagram and almost 10 million on Twitter.



Can I just suggest something, Ky? Just STOP because I CAN’T EVEN anymore.

It’s simple, if you don’t want to be bullied lay off social media and stop appearing on your family’s TV show. I’m sure you have enough money to get out of that contract. I understand you can’t stop what you’re sisters are doing, but you can stop what you’re doing.

Do you think posting about your brand new Tom Ford shoes that probably cost more than my college tuition is going to stop the haters? Maybe go to a store where MOST 17-year-olds shop (like Forever 21) and show them how affordable clothing can still look just as good as those shoes. OH, and your house,your brand spanking new house is another thing. Do you even know how much time and money goes into a house? I don’t get why you even want to have your own place. Kris seems like she’s a great time. I’m sure she would sneak you cocktails whenever you want them. I actually like living with my parents. If anything it’s free rent, and what’s better than that?


Now, if you don’t want to stay off social media because you’re a wannabe celebrity and so on then during the TV show, meet and greets and whatever else you do can you at least show us something different? Like you reading a book, newspaper, magazine (even if it’s about yourself)- my God girl just read something. Are you home schooled? Do you even go to school? Are you thinking about college? The future? Do you have any other hobbies other than taking pictures of yourself?

Take off the make up and take out all of the extensions, you can leave the lips, but stop flaunting your body in bikinis. Save it for your 21st birthday, it’s only a couple more years away and I promise you will still feel sexy. Just please start acting like a regular 17 year old. I guarantee people will stop making a mockery out of you. I want to see the real Kylie Jenner. Honestly, I think a lot of people would like you a lot better if you appeared to be just that, REAL. Maybe even get a job? Lol, let’s be real you would never get a job, but at least go help out the nearest animal shelter or something that pulls on my heart strings.

All I’m trying to say, Kylie, is that you can’t get these years back, there are no re-do’s when it comes to time.. Enjoy 17 and not being an adult. Stop growing up,-growing up sucks. I still wish you the best with all your endeavors, but seriously just stop.