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Amnesty International Hosts Invisible Children Screenings

Amnesty International Hosts Invisible Children Screenings


        Amnesty International at Bloomsburg University invites all students, faculty, etc. to attend the screenings of Invisible Children: Rough Cut this week, Monday September 29th and Wednesday October 1st.  Both screenings will be held at 7:30 in Centennial Hall, room 218.  Attendees will be given opportunities to receive more information on how they can help.

            The film Invisible Children is a documentary made by three college students from California who traveled to Uganda in 2003 to “find a story.”  What they found was a 22-year long war, currently the longest war in Africa, and the thousands of people that are afflicted by the brutality, torture, and sexual violence of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army).  The film is called Invisible Children because the filmmakers believed the children who are forced to fight in a violent guerilla army were invisible to the United States.  With the use of humor and real footage, this film has raised momentous amounts of awareness and even formed a non-profit organization out of high public response.

            I think that it is important for students to attend the screening because there are serious problems in the world, but college students do have the power to make a difference. It only took three college students who made documentaries to start the Invisible Children organization,” said Sarah Beltz, the head of Amnesty International here in Bloomsburg, “Today as part of the efforts on the Invisible Children organization there are several macroeconomic programs including their Schools for School program and Bracelet Campaign, and the United States has appointed a government envoy to oversee the peace progress in Uganda. The war has been going on for twenty-two years, but if students from Bloomsburg, people all over the world, and the U.S. government work together, we can bring peace to Uganda. 

            If you would like to learn more about Invisible Children or Amnesty International, please contact Sarah Beltz at scbeltz@bloomu.edu