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5 Signs You are Ready to be Mr. Bloomsburg 2014

Think you’ve got what it takes to be Mr. Bloomsburg 2014? Fill out an application in the Mass Communications office located on the first floor of McCormick!

Sponsored by PRSSA and NBS, Mr. Bloomsburg is open to all male BU students and will take place on April 1, 2014 at 7 p.m. in the KUB Ballroom.

The winner of Mr. Bloomsburg will win a prize to be announced – along with bragging rights, of course.

Students selected to compete will be judged in the categories of formal wear, swim wear, talent, and onstage questions.

Not going to compete? They want to hear your questions to potentially ask competitors! Tweet your questions to @Mr_Bloomsburg and follow the Mr. Bloomsburg Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MrBloomU.

Any questions on the event can be sent to jms68776@huskies.bloomu.edu.

If you are contemplating signing up, here are five signs you are ready to be Mr. Bloomsburg 2014:

1.       You run around in your tighty-whiteys more often than not. And you’re proud. It doesn’t matter that you have that beer gut; you drew a smiley face around the belly button and just rolled with it. If you can do that, why not do it in a swimsuit to win?

 2.       You use your smile or charm to get out of a missed homework assignment. Some wonder how you even see the notes on the board with your head so far up the professor’s you-know-what, but you flash that smile and everyone forgets what they even had for breakfast.

3.       You’re one of those guys with the crazy talent no one expects you to have. Everyone is always surprised when you whip out the “pick up the apple with your butt cheeks” trick (see number one) and they love it.


4.       You flex in every day conversation. Girls notice that you are uncomfortably flexing your muscles when you talk to us, and it’s not as sexy as you think it is. Okay, sometimes it is.

5.        You’re the friend who can’t be taken anywhere without knowing at least 10 people. Your friends just want to go to the store and grab a couple of beers before the game but you and your fifty acquaintances JUST SO HAPPEN to run into each other. What was supposed to be a 10 minute run to the store turned into your high school reunion.image