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16 Things Every Short College Girl Goes Through

This April will mark the third anniversary of me being diagnosed with Turner Syndrome. The one problem with having Turner Syndrome: it makes me short. Like 4’ 6 ½’’ short. (Have to add in that half of an inch…) Since February is Turner Syndrome Awareness month, I would like to point out and put some humor into what it’s like being a short girl in college.

       1. “You’re like twelve.”

           If I were twelve, I would not be here in college right now…unless I was a genius, which would be pretty cool.

       2. You never get to wear any of the cool college gear because it is way too big on you, and for some reason the store doesn’t sell XS at all. 

            Kid’s section it is then!

       3. You always have to sit in the front of the class because people have big heads.

            It does come with the bonus of the professor actually learning your name which could make a good connection in the future.

4. Gym equipment…






Enough said.




5. “But, you’re so cute and adorable! Why don’t you ever go on dates?!”


A lot of guys think of me as a little sister or just a friend. Which, I’m okay with! Plus most guys don’t go for the girl that is “cute” or “adorable.”


6. Being called “Cute.”

I’m twenty and am the most stinken adorable thing some people have ever seen in their lives…that probably should have stopped when I was like five. It’s still nice to get a compliment, though! (Plus, I was even more adorable at five-years-old. You should’ve seen me!)

7. “You’re short…like, really short.”

I had no idea.

youre so short

    8.  When my friends rest their arm on my head.

I didn’t realize I was furniture.

   9. Swimming…

Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER taking a swimming class.


In the pool like












  10. Having to use a step stool just to get into your bed.

Why yes…yes, I do have step stool.

     11. When buying books is even more emotional because you can’t reach, or afford, the one that you need.

Good reason to not buy a book and save money: couldn’t reach it.

   12. When you say a curse word and someone says that it’s “adorable” that you swear.


   13. When people hold the door open for you, and just slowly lift their arm to experience you going under their arm.











I must say, I am a beast at limbo.

14. You can tell that your professors don’t know how to react to you.

      simpson squinting guy       








Is she a prodigy or just really short?

15. Making your bed is not just a chore, but a sport.

It involves crawling, stepping up and down on the step stool (which is highly dangerous and causes a mini heart attack if you do not step directly onto the step stool), and stretching. And GO!

 16. And then there’s this horrible, horrible moment:

Short People Problem pic 1

                  Dear. God.

Most awkward moment of my life.


But, all in all, I am pretty happy that I am short. It has made me who I am, and I am very thankful for  that!

shakespeare quote