Going out to the bar and letting loose is something many of us enjoy. Drinking with your friends, surrounded by other drunk people, is something we tend to enjoy as well. We all can admit that when we have alcohol in our systems, we turn into our alter drunk egos. At the bar, a lot of people are guilty of saying to their friends “Oh my god, look at that drunk over there!” Or “That girl has been dancing on the bar all night!”


People watching is a habit that most of us do, and especially at the bar on the weekends. Here are the eight types of people you will most likely see at the bar:


  1. The Dancing Queen.Now ladies, we all enjoy to dance when we’re a little tipsy, but some more than others. There tends to always be that one drunk girl who freaks out when Beyoncé comes on and is not afraid to get right on stage and dance away. Sure, everyone is looking at her, some even taking Snapchats or pictures, but she loves the attention. It doesn’t matter if she’s been dancing for hours, when that beat comes on she’s the first one to get on the dance floor and shake it.


  1. The Douchebag.This guy is extremely outgoing, and not afraid to be your drunk friend. However, once the alcohol hits, he’s making fun of everyone and demanding that you buy him a shot. He thinks he owns the bar and that everyone thinks he’s funny. Nope, he’s not funny. It’s actually pretty annoying as the night goes on while you’re trying to enjoy your night out with friends. You’ll also see him hitting on every female in the place until he finds someone to cave in and buy the bullshit.


  1. The Fighting Couple.I don’t know what it is about liquor that makes people so angry, but everyone knows these people at the bar. In the beginning of the night, the couple is loving and buying each other drinks, publicizing how much they adore each other. Five shots deep of Fireball, and the mood has completely changed. You turn to see this loving couple fighting about who knows what. Usually, someone is mad at the other for being gone for too long, assuming they were flirting or doing something shady. The best part of this fighting couple is that the next morning you always see them out to breakfast, and then go on Instagram only to see a picture posted with the caption, “I love my babe #saturdaynight”community-gif


  1. The Sloppy Drunk Girl.Unfortunately, this happens to most of us girls at one point in our lives. This girl is the one that should have skipped out on the last drink and five shots. Once she’s past the point of drunk and just completely belligerent, it all goes down hill. You usually see her starting off showing her love and affection to every single person in the bar. As the night goes on, every song that the DJ plays is her “favorite song.” Wait, wasn’t the last one your favorite? Once she’s had her fun, you’ll most likely see her crying over how much she loves her friends, or has her head in the toilet. She’s that You know, the one that has to be walked home or escorted out by the bouncer. The next morning is a blur, and she’ll send out a tweet saying: “I’m never drinking again.”sloppy


  1. The Creepy Guy.This guy, when he’s drunk, is the one clinging to everyone. He comes off as desperate and just wants a girl to dance or make out with. He scores someone by flirting but comes off too strong and follows her around. We have all seen somebody do this, and it’s not fun when you’re the victim. Just tell him to go away, and five minutes later he’s most likely hitting on someone else.tumblr_inline_mscnrc5gvC1qz4rgp


  1. The Sober Sally.This person is pissed off, annoyed and frustrated that they couldn’t drink like their friends. This person was probably chosen to drive that night, has a huge test the next day or just doesn’t feel good and can’t get drunk. You’ll usually see this person in the corner on their phone looking miserable. He or she is frustrated about having to deal with all the drunk idiot friends and also jealous about not having as much fun. You will want to try and steer away from asking this kind of person if they’re having a good night, because the most common response will be: “Well, I would be having fun if I didn’t have to drive or take care of my friends later.”511aa1796c7fdf053f21fe2a5500440b


  1. The Angry Guy.Don’t you just love that guy who wants to fight everyone? No, we don’t like him! For some reason, alcohol makes some people extremely angry and in fight mode. He assumes that everyone is talking smack about him or looking at him the wrong way, when in reality nobody even notices him. The bouncers and bartenders hate when this guy comes to their bar, because they have kicked them out for being too rowdy before. It’s impossible for him to just get drunk and enjoy the night; he always has to end it with a fight.200_s


  1. The Emotional Wreck.This person just got broken up with and went right to the bar. When something bad happens, you see him or her taking it out on alcohol. What does this mean? Tears, sobbing, and more tears. You try to comfort the sad soul, but this just makes it worse and you end up spending your whole night trying to make him or her feel better.148258094