Denied Trays on Tuesday? Give Us Choice!


I am curious what the feelings were about Bloomsburg University’s policy of “Trayless Tuesday.”  It is my understanding that the majority of students will not even attempt to eat at the Scranton Commons on Tuesday because of how much of a hassle it is.  It has also been brought to my attention that the staff of the commons also does not like “Trayless Tuesday,” because it makes it harder to complete their job.

My personal belief is that anyone can make any day “trayless,” and it isn’t required that as soon as you enter the commons you must pick up a tray and use it. Using a tray can be looked at as a personal belief for those who desire to save the earth and the university, don’t use a tray. But don’t force people who want to use a tray to go without it.

I wanted to close by saying that It happened to be raining one Saturday morning, and while I was walking to the commons I noticed that there were at least two sprinkler systems running, supplying the already wet grass with more water.  If the university were interested in conserving water why would they not turn off these sprinklers when its raining?




  1. This is just one of the many major issues facing our food services on campus. Is anyone satisfied with the way things are being run around here?

  2. kudos on pointing out the sprinklers-in-the-rain issue. college tuition is expensive enough, yet we can never overwater the quad for whatever reason

    one complaint that i have about the food service was actually addressed in an article in the voice this week- the removal of special orders. i was at monty’s last week and they had a turkey wrap adverstised. i asked if i could just get a ham wrap instead, and they said no, they can’t make special orders.

    i understand that the reasoning for this was that all the wraps were pre-made. whatever. if they’re really too lazy to make my wrap, i’ll just get something else. that wasn’t i was upset though. while i was waiting for my panini to be made (i gave up aruging over the wrap), a kid came up behind me in line and placed a special order for a sub, which was made immeadiately on the spot.

    so at this point i’m pretty annoyed and i asked the worker why i couldnt get a ham wrap while the kid behind me got everything and whatever he wanted. the worker replied because he ordered a SUB, and not a wrap. so despite there being an OPEN pack of wraps on the counter, and no one else in line, they still couldn’t make my order because i chose the wrong type of bread. ugh.

    anyway that’s my little rant on the issue. enjoy

  3. The food is often great, and usually served with a smile.

    But, I gotta agree…the logistics of Trayless Tuesday are tough.

    Any solutions?

  4. I agree with Mike Nacko’s comments above. The whole environment thing is most likely being used as a cover for their financial motivations. If they need to cut costs, they should just come out and say so. Also, I have never seen anyone not using a tray on the other days besides Tuesday. That tells me that the poll they came out with saying 72% favor going trayless even for a day is seriously flawed. And the news just keeps getting better because if what The Voice said is correct, every day will be trayless day by next semester or next year.

  5. ….if they want to save water in the commons…why not give bigger portions of food….that would mean less trips which would subsequently lead to less dirty dishes. And for that matter, how about bigger glasses…. if we didnt have to use 7 glasses for every meal im sure that would cut down on water usage…. trayless tuesday is a bs excuse to save money not water. I think we need to retaliate;

    commons boycott
    wasteful wednesdays
    or leave our dirty plates on the tables on tuesdays

    Any other ideas?

  6. I for one do not use a tray everytime I go to The Commons, not using one on Tuesdays isn’t going to effect me much at all. That being said, just removing trays altogether isn’t the solution. If trayless Tuesdays are effective, which so far I haven’t seen any evidence of, then just encouraging people to use trays a few times less a week would be just as effective.

    Intentionally wasting things or leaving dirty dishes is not a good solution though. Being wasteful is bad, period. Leaving dishes is just going to cause trouble for the janitors, who had nothing to do with the decision. A few friends and I have agreed to simply bring on own trays on Tuesday. It may or may not actually help, but the alternative that doesn’t do more harm than good would be a commons boycott. Being on the budget that I am, and being vegitarian, I’m not willing to go that far right now.


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