Denied Trays on Tuesday? Give Us Choice!

I am curious what the feelings were about Bloomsburg University’s policy of “Trayless Tuesday.”  It is my understanding that the majority of students will not even attempt to eat at the Scranton Commons on Tuesday because of how much of a hassle it is.  It has also been brought to my attention that the staff of the commons also does not like “Trayless Tuesday,” because it makes it harder to complete their job.

My personal belief is that anyone can make any day “trayless,” and it isn’t required that as soon as you enter the commons you must pick up a tray and use it. Using a tray can be looked at as a personal belief for those who desire to save the earth and the university, don’t use a tray. But don’t force people who want to use a tray to go without it.

I wanted to close by saying that It happened to be raining one Saturday morning, and while I was walking to the commons I noticed that there were at least two sprinkler systems running, supplying the already wet grass with more water.  If the university were interested in conserving water why would they not turn off these sprinklers when its raining?