TrapStar Turnt Popstar: May He Rest in Paradise

The rapper known as PNB Rock, real name Rakim Allen, was shot and killed at a restaurant in Los Angeles. The shooting took place September 12th afternoon, Rock was driven to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1:59pm. The shooting occurred after a post was made by his girlfriend on Instagram, the investigators speculate that that could have been how he was targeted.

The police department checked other nearby businesses’ security cameras in order to find out how the assailant escaped. The assailant was able to take possession of Rock’s jewelry before attacking him but the investigators feel as though this was a homicide not just robbery.

Sadly, Los Angeles has a long list of robberies and homicides. There have been almost 400 homicides in this year alone in LA. People in the music industry have had a rough time navigating a place like LA because people get robbed and killed in broad daylight. After Rock’s death an internet personality DJ Akademiks posted an interview he had with Rock two weeks prior to his death. In the interview, the two spoke about how “spooky” LA is and how people commit crimes against others any time of the day.

After Akademicks says gang culture is crazy in LA, Rock replies, “Yeah, that sh*t is serious”. Later in the interview, Rock explains to Akademiks that he was targeted by a group while being accompanied by his daughter and girlfriend on Fairfax Ave located in Los Angeles. Luckily, nothing had happened at that point but unfortunately the circumstances have changed.

In Rock’s lifetime he accomplished a lot in the music industry. He labeled himself a trapstar that turned to pop. He was born and raised in Philadelphia and music for him was an outlet. Rock began his career in 2014 but it didn’t set sail until he dropped the song Selfish in 2016. The record was top 51 in Top 100 Billboard as well as he appeared in 10 New Artists You Should Know that same year. The following year he released his album GTTM: Going through the Motions and that debuted top 28 in Billboard 200 charts. Shortly after, within the year, he was then listed in the XXL freshman class list in 2017. Later in his career, he featured in Ed Sheeran’s collaboration album and appeared in the soundtrack for The Fate of the Furious. Since then, he’s dropped the album Trapstar Turnt Popstar and recently this year he dropped SoundCloud Daze.

His death has touched many and in the recent days other artists, celebrities and fans have sent their condolences to him and his family. The police will continue to do their investigation while community activists continue to fight the growth of senseless crimes growing in LA.