Top Ten Halloween Costumes of 2009


Halloween easily ranks number one among college students favorite holiday and it is easy to tell why.  This is a time when we can still act like little kids, we get to dress up and be whatever we want.  I saw the typical baseball players, football players, and referees, but I see those every year.  This list will give you a look at the top ten best costumes of the night.

10. Michael Jackson– Shockingly I personally only saw one Michael Jackson this year.  This Michael Jackson was circa 2000, which I was disappointed with, I personally like the 1980’s Michael Jackson.  At the bar, I saw a guy wearing all black.  He had on a black hat, straight black hair, a black coat, and black sweatpants, the typical Michael Jackson look.  To complete this look, he added sunglasses and a little baby.  Not the most creative on the list but still worthy of the number 10 spot.

9. Male version of Wilma– For years and years, men have been dressing like women for Halloween.  This Halloween I saw something different.  It wasn’t just a guy dressed in his girlfriend’s clothes, I saw a guy dressed up like Wilma!  I guess you can call this a “themed” dress-up for a guy.  Normally guys just find a random dress and wear it.  This costume had a lot of thought behind it.  This guy had to get all of Wilma’s accessories, he had an orange wig, the classic off the shoulder white dress, and the big beaded necklace.   Last year I saw a lot of Flintstone’s and I saw the same this year.   What would have made this outfit even better would have been adding a female version of Fred.  Maybe next year.

8. Lumberjack– Surprisingly, I saw a lot of Lumberjacks this Halloween.  I was actually a lumberjack myself this Halloween! Although my costume doesn’t compare to that of the best lumberjack of the night.  While strolling the streets of Bloomsburg, I saw a tall man approaching me.  As he got closer, I had a better look.  This kid was wearing a plaid shirt, tan short shorts, suspenders, and a huge axe on his back.  To complete this outfit he added a furry hat, knee high socks, construction boots, and aviator sunglasses.  I’m surprised I didn’t see a tree strapped to his back!

7. Green Man– I was not familiar with this Halloween costume until I googled it.  On Halloween night my friends and I saw about 20 green men walking around and we all thought it was great, but we didn’t know what it was. Sunday morning I decided to google the Green Man and I saw he is from the show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”  I have only watched this show a couple times and it is extremely funny, but I seemed to have missed the episodes with Green Man. However, I did find out who this Green Man is.  Apparently, he runs around Philly in a green body suit and pelts people with volleyballs screaming GREEN MAN.  Now, if I saw these green men doing that, they would be number one on my list.

6. Rednecks– Yes, many people dress up as rednecks for Halloween but I think I found one of the best!  Normally I see guys wearing cut off plaid shirts and sporting a mullet but I have never have a seen girls who dress up like rednecks let alone NASCAR rednecks!  When I came across these pictures on Facebook I couldn’t help but laugh. It was a group of girls who had on cut off jean shorts, disgusting blonde wigs, NASCAR tshirts, hats, and sunglasses. This was a great outfit and I’m sure it drew some laughs from other people!

Picture From Deana Hulsizer
Picture courtesy of Deana Hulsizer

5. Night at the Roxbury Brothers– We all know the annoying brothers from the famous SNL skit turned movie, Night at the Roxbury.  While at the bar on Saturday night, I saw two guys walked in wearing a purple and blue suit and I thought to myself, “No, this can’t be!”  Sure enough within two minutes of entering the bar they began to dance the famous dance and then I heard them talk and they sounded just like the Steve and Doug Butabi!  It seemed like these guys studied the infamous moves for hours and they succeeded.

Picture From Jasmine Ferri
Picture courtesy of Jasmine Ferri

4. Lady Gaga–  Lady Gaga has been in the news a lot lately so it’s only fitting that almost everyone wanted to be her for Halloween.  Thursday night, BU Now covered the Halloween Contest in the Scraton Commons.  Lady Gaga was at this contest and she looked amazing.  She had everything down, from the long blonde hair to the crazy outfit.  Just take a look for yourself, it’s amazing.

Picture from Justin McDonald
Picture courtesy of Justin McDonald

3. Transformer–  This had to be one of the most creative costumes I have seen.  Like the Lady Gaga costume, we show this Halloween costume at the Scranton Commons on Thursday night.  He dressed up like a transformer but his costume was made out of Beer Boxes.  How creative is that!  I didn’t see him walking around Saturday night wearing this but I hope he actually wore this out  to parties because I’m sure people would have gone nuts for this outfit.

Picture from Justin McDonald
Picture courtesy of Justin McDonald

2. Legends of the Hidden Temple Teams– Oh yes, the show that every kid wished they were on in the 1990’s.  Everyone wanted to be a Silver Snake or the Blue Barracudas and on Saturday night, some kids made their dream come true!  What made this outfit so great was that there were complete teams and they all looked like they just stepped off of the show!  Everyone had on their team shirt, the gold helmets, kneepads, mouth guards, and of course the fingerless gloves!  Has to be on of the best group costumes I have ever seen.

Picture Courtesy of Amy Lukens
Picture Courtesy of Amy Lukens

1. Ghostbusters– Who ever thought of this costume is a genius.  When I say Ghostbusters, I don’t just mean he was wearing Ghostbuster coveralls, I’m talking coveralls PLUS the ghost buster backpack.   Crazy outfit right!  I don’t know where this person found the backpack thing, but wherever he found it or if he made it, he did a great job. To make this outfit better, he had someone dressed up with him, but she wasn’t wearing her Ghostbusters pack.  This costume is easily the most amazing thing I have ever seen!  Once you see the backpack, you will understand why this costume is number one on my list.

PIcture courtesy of Jasmine Ferri
PIcture courtesy of Jasmine Ferri

There you have it, the top ten list.  If you saw a costume on Saturday night that isn’t on my list, let me know!  As for those who want a kick ass costume next year…start thinking now!