By Ashley Wood

Whenever girls get ready to go out, whether it be to the local bar or going to work, we open our closet doors and stare.  We stare at the mounds of clothes hanging in front of us, not knowing what to wear.  To make this process a little easier, add these ten essential fashion items to your closet.

Dress Pants: Everyone needs a good pair of dress pants.  Whether they are black, grey, or blue, everyone needs a pair of these pants for work or upcoming internships. Get a pair that fit you perfectly so you can take this look from the office to a night on the town.

Black Skirt:  Every girl loves to wear a skirt – just make sure it’s the right fit.  Pencil skirts are very in right now but that cut doesn’t look good on everyone.  Always make sure to try it on.  I guarantee that you will walk in the fitting room with ten pairs of skirts and walk out with only two.

Jeans:  Most of us own about a million pairs of jeans but there are only a few that fit us perfectly.  We have all tried on four pairs of jeans before we go out, but every time we always end up with our favorite pair on. Like the dress pants and skirts, jeans should fit you perfectly.

Blouse:  To match those dress pants, you need a nice blouse.  A lot of the clothes on this list are black but this is where you can add color into your closet.  Plum is the hot color this fall/winter so wearing a silk plum blouse with dress pants or pairing it with jeans is a nice, polished look.  Also, a print blouse is a great look.

Blazer:  This is a fun way to mix and match your items.  If you are wearing a black skirt, you don’t have to match it with a black blazer.  Wearing a tweed blazer or a cropped blazer will make this a staple in any outfit. 

Little Black Dress:  I don’t care if you don’t have any of these items but please, please make sure that you have a little black dress.  It is the one thing that every girl needs.  It can be worn to work with a blazer over top of it, out to the bars, or to a friend’s wedding.  It’s the perfect go-to dress.  So right now, drop whatever you are doing, sprint to the store and get yourself your very own little black dress.

Cardigan:  This light sweater can be worn any time.  Wearing a print cardigan can make any outfit fun.  This can be perfect for a work atmosphere but great for running errands on a Sunday afternoon.

Clutch/Purse:  When going out, we need to carry keys, make-up, and an I.D.  Putting these items in a colorful clutch will help complete your outfit.

Accessories:  Rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets all complete an outfit.  Classic pearls are great to add to any outfit.  Also big and bulky jewelry is also a winner.  Just don’t pair big and bulky with pearls…not a good look.  Also, despite what some of you might think, matching silver with gold can be a good look.  Mixing silver and gold bracelets is a great idea.

Heels or Flats:  We all need a good pair of heels and flats.  Flats can be worn with jeans when going out with friends.  Heels can go from the office to Happy Hour. Classic black heels are always great to have. They can dress up jeans and complete a work outfit.

All of these items are staples that should be in every girl’s closet.  These items don’t have to be paired together but should be a pair of your everyday wardrobe.  Make sure you have at least one of these items and you are set.  If you don’t have all of these items go out and get them now!  Happy Shopping!