The fifth episode of AHS was an ambitious one. In a mere 69 minutes, it succeeded in paring Ramona and Donovan in an alliance against Elizabeth, showing us the back story of Liz Taylor, and introducing us to the realities of a world where the Vampire virus runs rampant outside the walls of Hotel Cortez. With a few odd character choices and some fantastic ones, a captivating episode is created.

1.Vampire Elementary School Massacrewhen-my-friend-messed-up-his-only-chance-to-get-back-with-his-ex-24447

Alex is adjusting to her new life as a vampire, and it is plain to see that it’s not going very well. In a moment of extreme misjudgment, she chooses to inject her blood into the Max’s IV who is dying of measles. After the “miracle” turn-around of the boy’s condition, Alex releases him from the hospital without a single warning. Without any sort of remorse shown, Max is seen wiping the blood of his parents, who are both dead on the floor, from the corner of his mouth. At school he starts a strain of the virus by biting his lip, and kissing his crush in the closet. The teacher is murdered and all of his classmates are changed into confused, blood-thirsty children. Blood is drawn, feasted on, and left strewn across the floor as all the adults in the school are murdered. When the cops arrive on the scene all that is left are the recently transformed children with blood soaked clothes. Coached by Max, the kids blame the attack on a tall, masked man. Immortal children are never to be created, and if they are it must be contained as it is in Hotel Cortez. It is quite clear that Alex has never seen or read Twilight as this is the Volturi’s number one rule.

2. Liz Gets a Backstoryliz1liz2

Iris is left weakened and distraught by her recent gift of immortality. In a demonstration of compassion and understanding, Liz confides in Iris by telling how she came to be at Hotel Cortez. Years ago Liz lived a very different life. To the public eye he was a doting straight-edged father and husband. When alone he indulged in his fantasies, adorning himself in his wife’s clothing as he did one faithful night in Hotel Cortez. As he turns from his reflection in the mirror he is startled and embarrassed to see the Countess siting on his bed. In an oddly emotional moment, Elizabeth says that he may look and sound like a man, but his blood smells like a woman’s. She transforms him into the fabulous Liz Taylor but surprisingly does not make her immortal. When Liz is spotted by two hostile, homophobic coworkers in the hallway of Cortez, the Countess settles the issue with a flash of her razor finger and offers Liz a job. Much happier in her true form, Liz gladly takes the position without ever looking back.


 3. Iris Has Arrived

Two terrible hipster influencers check into Hotel Cortez with the worst possible timing. Played by Glee’s Darren Criss and Awkward’s Jessica Lu, the two never cease to deliver rudeness and insults to Iris who is nothing but accommodating. After relentless demands, insults, and with the support of Liz, Iris caves and murders them both in a matter most thorough. Although at first reluctant to kill, Iris seems liberated stating, “I never knew how to live until I died.”

The Vampire Virus is spreading like wildfire and appears to be uncontrollable. Most shows don’t kill kids (unless they become immortal) and even American Horror Story has generally followed this rule, but will the dozens of new vampire children change this? The Countess’ one rule for Alex was to remain loyal; will this be deemed a breach of loyalty? American Horror Story has a way of resolving matters in a unique and unusual way. It seems unlikely that Alex will be made fish food this early after her transformation, but it is something that the audience will likely be privy to in the upcoming episode.