Editor’s Note: Bloomsburg University senior Amanda Whitford, 21, of Mt. Bethel, has dreams of singing before an audience of millions on the new FOX show, The X-Factor, but before she decides whether to audition, she wants input from BUnow readers. Just click on the video below and comment on her performance. To leave a comment, you must log in first. Whitford says her 10-year-old-cousin shot the video during the singer’s 21st birthday party held at her house. BUnow recently interviewed Whitford about her singing.

Q: First, what’s your major here at Bloom?

A: Mass Communications, public relations track.

Q:When did you began singing?

A: I started singing when I was 6 years old. My first performance was in first grade on Father’s Day, I sang the song, Daddy’s Hands.

Q: What genre do you prefer?

A: I love singing country music, but I will sing anything under the sun.

Q: What was the biggest audience you’ve performed before?

A: The biggest audience I ever sang in front of would be my junior year in high school. I sang to an audience of over 500 people. It was exhilarating, and I loved every minute of it.

Q: Why do you want to be on The X-Factor?

A: People have always told me in confidence I could sing. I would love to hear it from someone in the music industry.

Q: What does your family think of you auditioning for the show?

A: My family always supports me when it comes to things I am passionate about. They encourage me to branch out and see what is out in the world, and I love them for their confidence!

Rollin in the Deep Cover – Amanda Whitford