To be a Human in Bloomsburg: Day 4

It’s been a little over three days since the zombie virius was unleashed on the Bloomsburg University campus and faith is building. Two of the undead have starved, but seven more humans fell to the infected and witches. Yes, the plural is correct, it was revealed today that there is more then one witch in the area. Between the zombies and witches the campus is becoming smaller. There can only be room for one race of creatures in this town.


Between scheduling and the walking dead it was a stressful morning. Two zombies were blocking the Student Services entrance forcing me to hide behind civilians in order to enter. I am not proud of myself, but it had to be done. I did not get away free through, they caught my scent while making my exit. I made a break for Bakeless and reached the chalked safe zone right in the nick of time, however my gingerbread latte was not so fortunate, niether was my white sweater. Stupid zombies.

These zombies were persistant and stayed guarding every exit  as the hour passed. No matter how persistant they were I was far more stubborn. These zombies were desperate like the kind of desire one gets when they feel time is running out. I can only hope my stubborness saved other victims and lead to the two zombies demise. While taunting them through the safe zone, I came up with more tips to help the human resistance.

1. Don’t be an arrogant son of a bucket. It’s one thing to be confident in your survival methods, but it’s another be stupid. It’s ok to ask for help, it’s not ok to be too proud to ask. It’s ok to hop from building to building, it’s not ok to think you can out run a six foot tall zombie across the quad. Bottom line is, it’s better to be safe then sorry.

2. Eat your Wheaties. Breakfeast is the most important meal of the day. Even the zombies need nourishment to stay undead and you need nourishment to not be dead. All I can tell you is it really sucks being chased by a zombie when all you can think about is the buffalo chicken pizza at the Husky. Bottom line is, eat breakfeast and stay focused.

3. Stress. It’s a killer. Like me this morning, students all over Bloomsburg, all over the country, all over the world are stressed. Your not alone. Take a deep breath and let it out. Remember this game is about fun and is not meant to be insanely stressful. Now like the deep breath that you just releashed, let the stress go. Bottom line is, no good can come from stress.

Well that all I have this evening, check back here tomorrow for more on my journey of survival. In the mean time remember to check the back seat of your car. Besides saving your life you could find some loose change.