Its been over 36 hours since the zombie virus was unleashed on the Bloomsburg University Campus and things are looking up for the human resistance. There are rumors that the Biology department is working on a cure, it cannot come soon enough. Today 8 more survivors fell to the wrath of the infected, now only 114 of us remain. To any zombies that retained their ability to read after there transformation. “Give up.” I may not survive this ordeal but I will go down throwing socks at you.

This morning I walked all over campus. Although I am a part of the human resistance against the walking dead, I still need to go to class. Lucky I only came upon fellow humans and other non participating citizens as they went on the daily lives, unaware of the walking rotting corpses that could attack at any moment. No, seriously how epic would it be if the entire campus was participating; student and faculty. Besides possibly making it into the Genius Book of World Records, it would give everybody the sense of what the real scenario is like. Grudges will be brought to light and paid. Heroes will come out in people that did not know they had it in them and cowards will be put to the test.

Speaking of heroes, rule number 4 of Zombieland is, “Don’t be a hero.” The 2009 movie, Zombieland starring Jesse Eisenburg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin is a favorite among zombie enthusiast. Columbus (Eisenburg) invents rules for himself and his team as they make there way across a zombie infested America. Rules such as check the back seat, double tap (shooting zombies in the head twice in order to insure they are dead) or enjoy the little things in life. These rules can be a life saver, except for number 4. My version of number 12 is, “Be a hero when you can, cause one day  you might need one,” and I ask all members of the human resistance to embrace this rule as well.

This afternoon when I left to go to the gym (Rule number 1, cardio) was ambushed by two zombies, lucky I was only feet away from the zombie safe zone in the rec center. Needless to say I stayed at the gym longer then I planned as I waited for the undead to find easier pry. In doing so I came up with more tips in our quest for survival.

1. The buddy system. Beside being rule number 29 in Zombieland, it’s common sense. Safety in numbers. The more people, the more socks you have to throw (which stuns zombies in this game) the more chances you have.

2. Take your ear phones out. In a hostile enviroment such as a zombie infested university, you need all your senses at their best. How can you hear, “BRAINZZZ” if your to busy listening to your teenage angst play list. Take the buds out and listen for any coming attacks.

Well thats all I have for today, check back here tomorrow for more on my journey of survival. Oh, one more rule from Zombieland, “It’s time to Nut Up or Shut Up.”