By Milan Rapant, Deana Hulsizer and Meagan Usefara

For those desperate for a break from the library, need a change, or want to see another side of Bloomsburg, wander downtown to Open Your Eyes to Dream. This Haven of curious wonders has everything to offer to comfort the mind, body, and soul. Allow Eric, the founder of this emporium, to greet you with a warm smile and a friendly ‘run-down’ of the place. Immediately warm your bones and soothe your throat with a hot cup of tea, with just the right amount of organic sugar. This emporium is filled with art, crafts, pottery, jewelry, clothing, and music created by many local artists and students alike. OYETD is always looking for creative souls to help expand this never ending collection of wonders.

Every weekend is when the bands come out to play. The entrance fee is usually $5…bring a can of food to donate, and its only 4! Open Your Eyes is also BYOB, so bring a couple bucks, a can of food, and your favorite chilled six-pack and let the music flow through your bones. Feel free after the show to browse through everything OYETD has to offer such as CD’s from your favorite band or perhaps some hip new apparel from show frequenter Mystery Fyre. If you think you could use a good stretch and stress release, OYETD also offers weekly yoga classes for all ages instructed by OYETD’s very own Sara. Each type of yoga targets different elements of body and mind and ranges from beginners to advanced.

If you find yourself to be creative in any area, bring a sample of your work down to Eric and your art could be featured and sold directly out of the gallery. Perhaps you’re not the ‘artist type’, don’t doubt your creative interior…perhaps this expertise is blossoming in written form. Express your written ideas and stories on BUNOW. BUNOW is a student and user generated site that welcomes new authors and photographers. There are always permanent positions available in the BUNOW community, the only one stopping you…is you.