Three Arrested during Kehr Union Disturbance


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At approximately 11 PM students outside Kehr Union became upset with the length of time it was taking to enter the homecoming party. A Fight ensued and people begin to storm the door.

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  1. I can’t walk in town without being mugged. I can’t go to a friends house without the place getting raided. Now I’m not safe in our own Kehr Union.

    Looks like I’ll be spending more quality time with my couch and video games…

  2. Statement from President Soltz:

    I am deeply concerned with the events that took place on Bloomsburg University’s campus Saturday evening. University staff value and respect all of our students. It is our intention and responsibility to make sure all students feel welcome and safe on campus.

    About 500 students and their guests were expected to attend the 2008 Homecoming Dance. Problems ensued during registration and, after two unsuccessful attempts to diffuse an escalating situation, a decision was made to end the event. As trouble continued, including a fist fight between two individuals, town and state police departments were brought in to assist Bloomsburg University Police. Police were required to use pepper spray on several unruly individuals. Unfortunately, other students and officers unintentionally were affected by the pepper spray. Police arrested three individuals during this incident.

    On behalf of the Bloomsburg University community, we regret that such an alarming incident took place on our campus. The safety of all is absolutely paramount to us. The university police, student affairs and campus groups worked together to develop an appropriate registration plan prior to the dance. The security measures were developed in consultation with student groups with the intent of protecting students and these measures were consistent with those used at all events of this size on campus. University police and other local law enforcement utilized standard protocol procedures in responding to this situation.

    A full investigation is being conducted into the events of last Saturday. University officials will speak with all involved parties, including external police agencies, students in attendance and others who have expressed concerns. This investigation will include a review of the protocol used by police in this circumstance.

    Parents, students and other individuals with concerns may contact my office at (570) 389-4526.


    Dr. David Soltz, President
    Bloomsburg University

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