Part “bromance”, part spy action, and part romantic comedy, This Means War, has a little something to offer every movie-goer.

Top ranking CIA agents FDR, played by Star Trek’s Chris Pine, and Tuck, portrayed by Inception’s Tom Hardy, are two best buds who both fall for the same blonde babe. Reese Witherspoon’s character, Lauren, starts dating both men simultaneously, starting an all out war between friends.

Unbeknownst to Lauren and her potty mouth best friend, played by Chelsea Handler, the beaux use their covert tactics to get the inside scoop on Lauren. Tuck attempts to prove he isn’t too safe a bet by taking Lauren to a paint ball field. FDR tries to show responsibility by adopting a shelter dog. The best friends quickly throw their “gentlemen’s agreement,” to stay out of each other’s way, out the window, and begin to sabotage one another’s dates.

FDR sets off the sprinklers in Tuck’s apartment, putting out the candles and snuffing the romantic mood Tuck had set up. Tuck retaliates with a tranquilizer dart to FDR’s neck. Lauren comes out of the bathroom to find FDR out cold on the couch, snoring.

The whole film is full of “bromantic” bickering, between playboy FDR and romantic Tuck and hysterical one-liners from Handler in the form of friendly advice. Who wins the fair maiden’s heart in the end? Check your local theatre and find out.