Things To Do on a Rainy Day…Besides Netflix and Chill

We’ve all been stuck inside on a rainy, cold day here in good ol’ Bloomsburg. We’ve also all sat in front of Netflix for way too long during those days. So what else is there to do instead of just watch a whole series on Netflix in one day? Here are four fun options that’ll make you forget about the depressing weather outside.images (2)

  • Build a fort- Why not relive your childhood a little bit? Grab the sheets off your bed and build a huge fort in your living room. And if you want to watch Netflix still, you could at least watch it in a really cool fort. Let’s be honest, it would totally make the whole lazy day way cooler than just sitting on your couch.


  • Read a book- When was the last time you sat down and read a good book? Instead of watching “The Hunger Games” on Netflix, read the books. They have way more detail than the movies anyway.  Plus, you might even find a book that’s becoming a movie soon, so you’ll have something to look forward to.
  • Bake some goodies- If you’re stuck at home with your roommates, make your apartment smell like a bakery and find some recipes on Pinterest. You could even make a whole meal for the day if you’re feeling really ambitious.

images (1)

  • DIY crafts- Pinterest is here for a reason!! It’s to make your life fun and full of projects. Pinterest is full of different crafts and things to keep you busy while it’s cold and rainy. Do something with all those bottle caps or corks you’ve kept from all your drinking nights and turn them into a cool picture or something for the apartment.

So, turn off that TV and go do something that doesn’t involve you just watching the same show over and over again.  Build that fort and relive your childhood, bake some snacks for your fort or grab a good book.  I’m sure you’ll end up turning Netflix on at some point but at least you’ll have a ton of snacks and a fun fort to watch it in.