As the holiday approaches, it becomes much easier to remember why the winter season is so wonderful. Despite the cold weather and rain, winter is certainly one of the best seasons to be jolly. But it isn’t the Christmas presents and drunken New Years Eve parties that make this season so memorable – it is the sneak peek into fall fashion. The pre-fall 2013 collections were purposely built for women of great confidence, prestige and style. As the collections continue to pour in on, fashion lovers everywhere are amazed. Dear Santa, this season’s level of high fashion pieces are what we all secretly want for Christmas. As with any collection, there is always a particular celebrity who’d wear it best. Admit it, we’ve all said, “If only this looked as great on me as it did on Beyonce, or maybe Megan Fox, or Halle Berry.” But hey, we can’t all have killer curves and the perfect blue eyes. But for now, just fantasize. With four personalities and looks to choose from, one woman has got to showcase your style best. Whether you are bold, daring, ladylike or sophisticated, there’s a designer for that! Leave it up to the experts – the designers, that is – to prove it.

After the show, Phillip Lim told, “I’m really into vintage Harley-Davidson.” Not only did his pre-fall 2013 collection reveal his inner bike lifestyle but it also encompassed everything it meant to be “bad.” Yes, his models were good girls going bad… and quickly. After pulling up those knee-high leather boots and simply whipping their hair to the side, it only took seconds for the audience to believe it. Phillip Lim’s collection was made for this rebel of a woman – full of layers including sweatshirts that some might call “over-sized,” polka dot stockings, cloaks and dozens of other leather pieces.

Who other than Rih Rih would rock it best? Rihanna has become the woman whom everyone is in love with – physically, sexually and emotionally. She is a rebel, she is bold, and she is @badgalriri. Ladies, if you are the Rihanna of the style world, trust in Lim. No need to thank him for unveiling your alter ego, he built this collection just for you.

Kerry Washington’s leading role in the series, Scandal, earned her a title none other than: “boss.” Committed viewers can attest to that. As season 3 provokes anxiety until its return in January, Kerry has received much honor and acknowledgement from her appearances at daily talk shows and popularity on Twitter. Scandal showed audiences everywhere that to be Olivia Pope, one must be strong… and that Kerry is. The actress has always stayed true to herself and her own sense of style, much like the timeless designer, Calvin Klein.

The pre-fall Calvin Klein collection seemed to be constructed purposely for Scandal’s leading lady. Klein is a man who loves his women to feel incomparable, on and off of the runway. The collection encompassed everything that fall outerwear should consist of. With a belted waist, the possibilities are endless for women like Kerry.

Gucci’s pre-fall collection was dramatic and quite frankly, mysterious. The pieces were thoroughly crafted, focusing on brocades, leopard print, lace and a few leather textures. As cliché as it may sound to list Gucci – one of the most notable A-list brands – as one of the top pre-fall ’13 collections, it is true! Gucci is a fashion house created with brilliance. From the design team to the creative director, there is nothing this brand can’t do.

When combining drama and brilliance, one woman comes to mind… none other than the fearless, Emma Stone. The actress was spotted in Gucci numerous times throughout her uprising career. However, this collection in particular emphasizes her daring and mysterious look. From the Easy A harlot to The Amazing Spiderman’s hot girlfriend, it’s proven that this woman can play any and every role. She is untouchable and intriguing – the ultimate Gucci woman.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s role as Carrie Bradshaw in the hit series, Sex in the City, made women everywhere believe that to be successful, one must expect a heartbreak or two. Carrie said it best while working as a freelance writer for Vogue, “Men, I may not know… but shoes, shoes I know.” Now that’s a relatable statement.. Before, after and during Sex in the City, Sarah Jessica Parker became a style icon. Her style consisted of remaining poised, structured and most importantly, a lady.

Michael Kors, a designer, recently retired Project Runway judge and lover of pop culture, – according to –created a collection for elegant, chic and charming women such as Carrie. The collection’s pieces  were extremely ladylike; perfect for the woman who works during the day and  can only wish for love at night.). You don’t have to admit it, just wear it.

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