We all have experienced the struggle of wanting to lie in bed while painting our nails, and sadly realized the impossibility of task. Lying in your comfy bed sounds like a great idea until you spill that bright red nail polish all over your nice, clean sheets. So you’ve resorted to painting your nails at a table. But, where’s the comfort in that? Don’t worry though, a product has been invented that will enable you to paint your nails in the comfort of your bed, or practically anywhere else you have the desire to beautify your nails.

Liz and Mark, residents of South Carolina, invented the Tweexy, a wearable nail polish holder, to help out the 71% of females who use nail polish. The two interviewed hundreds of nail polish users and found common problems they experience. Here’s what Liz and Mark had to report, “They spoke of spills, drips, tips, and their inability to get to the bottom of the bottle. They told us about their shaky hands, smearing, smudging, and reaching…They had issues about where to place the bottle when in their car, at the beach, on their bed, on their couch, in their bathtub, in a public restroom, at work, at school, on a bus or train, at the airport… you know, like everywhere.”

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*BUnow does not support painting your nails while driving. This could be highly dangerous.*

As a result, the Tweexy was born. The Tweexy is a silicone holder that you can wear on your hand and hold any size bottle. Worried about what to do when you finish painting your first hand? The two expandable rings have squeeze tabs to open them wide enough for you to slide it off of your hand without ruining your wet nail polish. It seems like Liz and Mark thought of everything.

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Still confused on how this works? Watch the “How to Tweexy” video below:

The Tweexy is available on Amazon for just $14.95.