The Six People You Meet At the Gym

What type of gym personality do you see yourself as when working out at the student rec center? There are six different people you will meet upon your duration time of exercise.

You will see all these types of people in pretty much every gym you will enter or at least some variation. These people you will meet are the “Grunter”, “starer”, “tight outfit girl,” “overweight guy,” “gym rat,” and “the socializer.”

When entering the gym and you are getting ready for your first exercise and you hear a strange sound like a rhino giving birth to an elephant, you have your first personality. This is the “Grunter.” Apparently to this person it’s impossible to work out without furiously exhaling after each rep. Some may find this disturbing and move to another area in the gym.

John O’Connor, senior at Bloomsburg University, is a regular at the student rec center and claims that he has encountered the “grunter” before. He believes that you just have to try and avoid him to focus on your own work out.

“They’re everywhere. I’ve been to multiple gyms and every one I have been to so far has a grunter,” O’Connor said.

He may be scanning the treadmills, scoping for the girls in tight shorts, or may even be checking out one of the guys. This person is known as the “starer.” Most of the time this is a guy, and he can make people feel very uncomfortable.

“The funny part about the ‘starer’ is that not only is he staring at someone, but everyone else can see him stare,” said O’Connor.

She will be all over the gym, whether it be in the cardio area, the weight room, or on the track. It may be her shirt, pants, or even both, but her outfit will definitely be skin tight. She is the “tight outfit girl.” Most of the time she will be working out alone and will be jumping from place to place during her routine.

Weightlifter and Junior, Jake Brandolino, believes that the “tight outfit girl” is usually someone who is very good looking and attractive.

“She’s usually getting looked at by the ‘starer’ of the gym,” said Brandolino.

This person will also be all around the gym, whether it be on the treadmills, stationary bike, or in the weight room. He is the one who is trying to lose weight or keep in shape for a sport such as football. This guy just goes to show that the gym is not always filled with great in shape bodybuilders.

The next guy will be in the gym at least one to two times a day and at least five to seven days a week. His face is familiar to pretty much everyone at the gym. He is at the gym weight lifting one part of the day, and then cardio the other part, or sometimes a combination of the same thing twice in one day. You can tell because he usually has a good physique, here you have the “gym rat.”

“My friends and I go to the gym about five times a week, but I wouldn’t really consider us ‘gym rats’. I do see some faces at the rec that would be a ‘gym rat’ because it’s like no matter what time you go to the rec, they are there,” Brandolino said.

When you go into the gym and see the person going up to pretty much everyone there to say hello or just to chat, that is the gym “socializer.” They will go up to people in between their sets, and go out of their way to go talk to one of their friends or someone they know and just start up a conversation.

“You definitely see people at the rec that talk way too much during their workouts,” a female Bloomsburg student stated.

What kind of person are you at the gym?