The mood was calm, yet there was definitely a presence of nervous excitement in the air as the contestants waited in line for their last chance to impress the judges. This past Tuesday night, Bloom Idol held its final auditions for the recently resurrected back talent show. The closed-door tryouts cut the talent pool down to only 25 contestants, and was the last step before the season debuts on October 16.

For those of you who are unaware, Bloom Idol is Bloomsburg University’s own version of the hit television show American Idol. BU students from all backgrounds are represented on the program, showcasing some of the best singing talent the campus has to offer. Each Thursday, beginning October 16. the contestants will preform in front of a live audience in the Kehr Union Ballroom, hoping to advance to the following week’s show until one winner is declared as this year’s Bloom Idol.

Before the contestants could look ahead to stardom, however. there was still business to attend to. With only room for 25 singers on the program, last night served as the final step in some of the Idol hopefuls’ quest to become the newest celebrity on campus. Others survived the cut down and lived to see another day.

“Yeah I’m a little nervous,” admitted Idol contestant Brenna. “I’ve got to bring my A game tonight.” Representing Columbia Hall, Brenna planned on singing Blind Melon’s “No Rain” in her final performance before the show’s start.

Other contestants agreed that the aura for this final tryout was a little more tense than the previous ones.

“There’s definitely a heightened sense of competition,” declared Lycoming representative Hallie. “The first few tryouts in the dorms were a lot more laid back than this.” Despite the increase in tension, Hallie vowed that the mood would not be affecting her singing performance later that night.

Still, there were others who seemed indifferent to the raised stakes at the cut down show.

“I’m going to win and go straight to the top!,” boldly claimed Wendy. Performing John Mayer’s “I’m Gonna find Myself Another You,” Wendy had not originally planned on joining the competition. “I’ll admit my CA had to drag me kicking and screaming to the first tryout,” however it appears as Wendy quickly took a liking to Bloom Idol, and now has her mind sent on becoming this year’s champion.

The criteria for the cut down show was the same as in all the other tryouts, as the judges ranked the contestants based on stage appearance, music selection, vocals, pitch, and overall sound. One noticeable difference from this night, however, were the judges. Formally judged by a panel of CAs and Program Board Members, the cut down show featured a group of veteran judges who hold various offices around campus, making this tryout all the more important.

Students are encouraged to come out each week, beginning next Thursday, and watch their friends and classmates live on stage. The voting for the show is totally interactive, as it will be available online and open to all Bloomsburg students beginning the night of the first contest. Alicia Malpiedi noted that there is still a need for hosts for each week’s show, aside from opening night. Mass Communication majors, as well as BU-TV, WBUQ. and other students involved with the media on campus are encouraged to sign up to MC the events, though no prior experience is necessary.

Catch Bloom Idol each week, beginning next Thursday!

Bloom Idol Schedule:

October 16- Motown

October 23- Beatles

October 30- Love Ballads

November 6- Rock

November 13- Freestyle

All shows start at 9pm and are held in the Kehr Union Ballroom. Admission is free.