You leave for the summer, come back, and everything is different in the main dining hall: the Scranton Commons.

Right when you walk in, you notice the color difference; everything is tan, cream colored and red now. The seating rooms suddenly have names. For instance, the one room in the back of the right side of the Commons is now called the PA Room.

All seating is different. There are more booths now, there are also bar-like seats and tall chairs and tables. It seems like they tried to make it so there were more places to sit.

The cups went from short and glass to long and plastic. They took away the trays and the main silverware section. Silverware is now located in different spots throughout the Commons, like on a salad bar or by the sizzle section.

Many people are most upset about the trays being taken away. They allegedly wanted to make it so people could not get as much food to fight overeating, but it’s such a hassle to have to carry everything. You have to get your food, find a seat, put the food down, and then get up again to get drinks. When there were trays, you could just put everything on them and you only needed  one trip to get everything. Plus some people forget to get silverware because it is scattered all over the place instead of all being in one section, right when you walk in by the trays, so they have to get up again to get silverware.

Taking the trays away didn’t even change the amount of food people get; they just put their food down and go get more.

Aside from the tray-less obstacles, I think the Commons looks really nice, and the fountains are cool too. But the food isn’t any different.

They took away the melts in the deli section, which upsets me deeply. I feel like it was a waste of money. The Commons was fine the way it was. That’s just my opinion though, what do you think of the new Scranton Commons?