As the seconds waned down Saturday night for the Oklahoma State Cowboys and their star point guard Marcus Smart, who were inevitably going to lose to Texas Tech, Smart flew into the stands after attempting a monster block.

As the camera zoomed in on Smart, he shoved a Texas Tech fan while in the stands Smart was assessed a technical foul and was escorted off of the court at the end of the game. Smart who is usually cool-headed and very respectful, lost his cool in a loss to a lesser opponent.

Things happen, but what did this guy say to get Smart so fired up? Was it a racial slur? Could Smart have heard a racial slur but in reality it wasn’t a racial slur? We may never know the full truth behind this story. Jeff Orr, who was the man that Smart shoved, released a statement Sunday saying that he called Smart a “piece of crap” and claims that he never used a racial slur.

It’s hard to believe that Smart would react so violently to being called a “piece of crap.” Smart also issued an apology Sunday saying that he was very remorseful and that he lost his cool. Smart has been suspended 3 games and in his return to the court he will have to matchup against no one else but Texas Tech.

The Cowboys are certainly going to be hurting without Smart. They were already in free fall, having lost their last 4 games, and with their NCAA Tournament hopes are hanging in the balance, the loss of Smart hurts them even more. Marcus Smart certainly made a mistake that he will have to pay for, it will be interesting to see how he learns and grows from this.