(This article was originally published Feb. 26, 2013) 

Finding an internship can be one of the trickiest parts of your college career. The resumes, cover letters, interviews, and not to mention the highly competitive atmosphere that internships are surrounded with, can be a bit overwhelming. But have no fear, we have some advice from BU’s very own Amanda House, who is currently pursuing a singing and acting career in Los Angeles, all thanks to her summer internship.

House, 20, is a Mass Communications, Telecommunications major and would be a junior if she were still taking classes at Bloomsburg University. Her internship at Innovative Artists Talent Agency this summer opened the world of opportunity that she is currently living in.

Her experience began when her mother worked as a talent agent in N.Y.C. The connections she made allowed House to contact IATA looking for an internship opportunity. House first got in touch with the Human Resources representative and provided her with her work resume. After a series of questionnaires via email, House had a phone interview with the Vice President of the company and soon enough she was on the next flight to L.A.

While interning for the company she “spent most of my time reading television and film scripts and writing coverage on them. Coverage means writing a one page summary of the script as well as character breakdowns. I also got to ‘shadow’ an assistant and learn how to work the desk as well as get insight on what talent agents really do,” House said. “On occasion, I worked at the front desk answering phones and greeting clients at the door.”

Towards the end of her internship House made many connections with talent agents from IATA and still grabs a bite to eat with them on occasion (she also landed her very own talent agent)! She describes the most beneficial thing she has learned as “to be knowledgeable about the ‘behind-the-scenes’ business. Since I am represented by an agency for acting, I feel as though I have a better connection with my agent now that I know what her end of the industry is like. It also looks great on my resume.”

House has been to countless auditions for everything from television to becoming the new face of the new Myspace and has even interviewed Brandon Baker, better known as Johnny Kapahaala from the Disney Channel Original Movie, Johnny Tsunami. Her most current job is working as a temporary at MTV Studios.

House offers advice to her fellow BU students saying “Don’t be afraid to reach out to people and make connections. If I didn’t take the initiative to ask about this internship, I would have never come out to California. You never want to look back and think ‘What if…’ I believe having this attitude is the sole reason I am living in L.A. and pursuing my dreams. Also, ALWAYS have your resume or business card on you. I keep a head shot in my purse at all times. What if you meet someone in the business you are pursuing at, let’s say, the grocery store and you have no way for them to contact you? Be smart and be nice to everyone. You never know who you are going to meet at the most unexpected times.”

So, it seems that initiative, courage, and good planning are a few key ingredients to landing an awesome internship, and who knows; maybe you could be the next BU representative in L.A.