This past Friday, I took a break from partying and stayed in to cuddle up in bed, started a free trial of Hulu (which was totally worth it and made me wish I could afford it full-time), and watched The Hunger Games movies. This week, I’m procrastinating final papers and projects by reading Mockingjay for aboukkkkkatnisst the sixth time…because The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 comes out Nov. 20.

For people like me, the last movie of this franchise is bittersweet—especially when you started reading the books in middle school and quickly became obsessed with the movies as well. Unlike other books turned into movies, The Hunger Games is special.

Suzanne Collins wrote the screenplay for the first film, a role that is usually taken over by big studios and changes the plot too much. I think part of the reason the movies are so great is not only because the books are so well-written and planned, but because Collins adapted the book for the movie without changing much, allowing the next films to follow suit.

Even though I’ve read the books, watching the movies is always exciting. You construct images in your head and hear the characters’ dialogue as you read it, so it’s amazing to see it come to life on screen.

I’m especially excited to see Finnick *swoon* and Annie get married (this is in the trailer so it’s not a spoiler) and follow Katniss through her final journey as the Mockingjay. I know we all want to see what happens with President Snow and his damn white roses. There has also been a lot of curiosity about the tweaked last scenes with Plutarch Heavensbee, the character played by the Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who passed away during filming.

Of course, all of us want the answer to the biggest debate out there: Team Gale or Team Peeta? For Katniss, my heart has always been with Peeta. But, I would also have to agree with Josh Hutcherson in his 2012 Huffington Post interview, and say I’m Team Haymitch.




May the viewing odds be ever in your favor. Check out the official trailer below!