Isn’t it funny how we know more about celebrity gossip and what is going on with reality television than we are with politics, news, what is going on in the real world so to speak?

It seems a little ridiculous that these days we enjoy watching people struggle and lead miserable lives on reality television. It used to be that we would watch sitcoms with happy families and there would always be a happy ending. We now watch reality families live real lives that never seem to end up positively. You have to ask yourself why do they keep doing these shows? Why do these families and friends keep agreeing to put themselves in that negative situation, when they know the outcome is going to be negative? Is the money worth the fame? Is the pain of hurting your family and friends worth it what you get out of it? What happened to our society that it is so filled with fake reality we are so fascinated by all of it?

I’m not going to lie I have sat through episodes of The Hills, Hogan Knows Best and Keeping up with the Kardashians, the list goes on and on. Watching all of those shows I can’t necessarily think of one that has a positive vibe to it. There isn’t much on these reality shows where you can, find a role model or something to learn from, the moral of the story. What is going on in the world today? Why is the direction of the media leading us to this world of negative reality? Why do we enjoy watching other people fail?

I don’t know if any of the reality shows have a certain goal in mind but, the outcome of them seems like they don’t end on a positive note. For example the hit show Newlyweds, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. As soon as they were in the spot light they ended up getting a divorce. As soon as the Hogan’s got their shot at a reality show, “Hogan Knows Best” they got divorced. Do we really care if Brooke Hogan goes out partying and gets wild? Do we really care if Nick Lachey is now dating again? These are all trivial little things that we get so caught up in that just shouldn’t be worth our time.

Come to think of it, it seems as if I have been wrapped up in the media a little too much myself. I seem to know a lot more than I thought. It’s a little silly to realize that I myself have been wasting my time watching and discussing these shows with people. Obviously I am living proof that you can get wrapped up into something like reality television without even realizing it! When you live with a large amount of people, for example I live with eight girls, you seem to just get wrapped up in the shows.

It seems as if most people care more about what Brittney Spears is wearing rather than who is running for president. I can’t seem to understand why people, myself included, care so much about it. What can make the change from being so interested in the reality shows to caring about our future? Our economy is horrible right now and I don’t even think some people realize it because they are more interested in these reality shows and celebrity gossip than the serious issues at hand.

Jessica Reilly a Bloomsburg University student thought that it started as news papers wanting to get better stories. Therefore they would look into people’s lives to find juicy gossip. Jessica brought up the show John and Kate plus 8. Although it is a nice show about a family and their children, why would you want to have someone watching your entire life on television? Is the money worth the privacy of their childhood and upbringing?

Jessica also added, “It’s also sad that girls will go on shows such as “Flavor of Love.” (A reality show where women try to win a man’s affection).  They are just going on these shows and making fools of themselves for money and a shot at fame. When will this reality mania stop?

Another Bloomsburg University student, Claire Hollenback had some input as well. She said that information these days is just so easily accessible.  Instead of having to wait for the newspaper we can check the internet shows or television more often and it becomes more of an obsession for today’s culture.

The next interview was with a student named, Jaclyn Greenwich of Bloomsburg University. Jaclyn thinks that people would rather see those negative reality shows than look into their own lives problems. It is a way to put their lives on the back burner. It is a way to forget their worries and feel like they are better.

Jaclyn said, “It’s like a chain, they do it to feel better about themselves for having money and being famous and we watch to feel better about our own lives through their misery.”

The last student interviewed was Kenzie Meyers, who is also a student here at Bloomsburg. Kenzie said the reason we are so fascinated with the reality world instead of what is really going on in the world is because we can relate to it.

Kenzie said, “I can’t relate to a 40 year old such as Barack Obama. However I can relate to a young aspiring girl to look up to such as Lauren Conrad from the MTV reality hit show, “The Hills.”

It is just fascinating that we all know what is going on and no one is doing anything to stop it. The media is just making things worse and worse for our generation to be influenced by these people on television. Interviewing these Bloomsburg University students you quickly find that they all agreed with the way things are going is negative. However they all admit to watching and enjoying these shows as well. It makes you wonder where our world is going. Maybe the economy would be a little better if people were paying more attention to what is really going on in the world. Instead of this fake idea we have playing in our heads from people on the television.



Reality Tv stars, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey after their divorce

Jaclyn Greenwich Left Kenzie Meyers right: Two of the Bloomsburg University Students that were interviewed.