At 8:50 a.m., it seemed like the perfect time to vote for many, or at least for first time voter and sophomore,  Kevin Chavarria.

Bloomsburg students wait to vote in Kehr Union.

Bloomsburg students wait to vote in Kehr Union.

“At first I was anxious because it was my first time ever to step foot behind a poll booth, and then about the huge line ahead of me, but I quickly relaxed once a teacher handed me a donut and a muffin,” said Chavarria.

After 35 minutes of waiting, Chavarria still was not able to vote.“I had to make a decision,” said Chavarria.“I could wait now and be late for class, or come back later and wait even longer.”He decided to go to class and risk hitting bigger lines later.

Chavarria was disappointed when he arrived at Kehr after his class to find two rooms filled with students waiting to vote.“I do not understand why we have a waiting room set up,” said Chavarria.“If Bloomsburg knew the lines were going to be long, why didn’t they get more poll booths?”

Sophomore Claire LoManto heard Chavarria discussing this issue and added, “After waiting here for over 50 minutes, I am starting to get a bit fed up.I am watching as others turn around because the lines are too long.Obama should be thankful that I am waiting here for him.”

Chavarria said he waited a little over an hour before voting.He was number 547 in Kehr Union at 11:55 a.m.
As of 4:20 p.m., nearly 1,200 students had voted in the Kehr Union, according to volunteers at the polls.So approximately 150 people voted per hour.
Yes, the lines were long. But this is the most on-campus voting Bloomsburg has ever seen.